I Was Offered Sex For Homework Last Night!

This is the first mundane pointless story that I’ve felt compelled to post- here it is.

I was on AIM last night, and I got messaged by a candy raver girl I’ve met a few times at raves and IMed with before. She launched in to this whole tirade about how desperate she was… blah blah blah… could I please help her and do some of her homework… blah blah blah… she was gonna fail… bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan… please, she’d do anything… ANYTHING, etc. etc.

It bugged me at the time, and of course I said no (I don’t do other people’s homework for them, and I certainly am not going to have sex with someone who trades it for homework!), but it occured to me that, hey! I was just offered SEX for HOMEWORK! How often does that happen? That qualifies as mildly bitchin’, from a certain point of view. Just thought it fit the forum.

That’s bizarre… I’m wondering exactly how much self respect that girl has.

how old is this whore?

(yes, that is what she is - deal with it)

Deal with it? When was I implying that a ravishingly beautiful, pure and virginal princess offered me sex for homework? I could really care less about her sexual habits, but her attitude that she deserves to have other people bail her out of situations that consist of nothing but her own lack of responsibility annoys me.

Anyway, the girl is a high-school junior.

The fact that she was offering sex as a medium of exchange classifies her as a whore.

This is pathetic, but, I suspect, not uncommon.

No, I was not advising anyone to accept such an offer, and would be saddened if anyone would accept such an offer.

The “deal with it” referenced the fact that we now have high school students prostituting themselves for homework - a rather bizarre and sick situation, IMHO.

Pathetic though it might be… the likelihood is that as a high school junior myself, I’d have been over there taking her up on it.

Of course, when I was a high school junior, AIM was toothpaste, not a way of communicating…

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There was no way I was going to take her up on it, but even if I did, seeing it through would be waaaay to sleazy and uncomfortable. How awful would you feel going over to “collect”, knowing that she didn’t really want to? Makes me shudder. Yech.

Take her up on it.

Give her wrong answers.

Prostitution never pays.

Deal with it! Get a life! Get over it! Talk to the hand! Roofle!

Anyone who uses the above phrases is automatically labelled dickhead in my book. It’s just pissy.

She was hot for your body and the homework was just an excuse to drop her drawers. :smiley:

Deal with it! heh I couldn’t help that one. anyhoo kniz could be right. What if she’s just a horn dog just lookin’ fer luv??

Or maybe she used the words “I’ll do anything” as poetic license, and your jumped to conclusions.

I am so sick of your atitude on this Mr. C! Now shut the hell up and pay me the $200 you owe me!


Freudian slip?


People do say things like “ANYTHING” without imaging the full implications of their statements.

Just for clarity’s sake, you should reply, “Does ANYTHING include getting naked in my presence and doing whatever I say, including exchanges of bodily fluid?”

Then make your decision. :smiley:

Note: this level of specificity has produced years of celibacy for me. The again, no one’s made an offer quite like that to me.

This reminds me of some HS women, they say that, but don’t do it. They try to get out of it. My friend told me when she went to HS the thing for them to do was to see how much they could get from a guy without having to have sex with him.

Who knows in your case… I would love to know if she would have done it.

When I was teaching at the college level, I had a rather toothsome young man tell me he’d do anything for an “A” – and it was pretty damn clear what he meant.

Didn’t take him up on it.

(ps, I’m female, if that’s relevant)

When I read the thread title, I assumed (correctly) what it was about.

Still, the following scenario played through my head briefly:

“Now, students, for homework, I’m giving you an option. Either read chapters seven and eight and answer the review questions, or have sex. This is due tomorrow, and I don’t want any excuses.”

My first thought was it was a homework assignment from his French class.
Well, not really.

Heh. In the original conversation, the implication was quite clear. Whether she would have followed through is another question, and I have no idea. It’s fairly irrelevant- either way I got the same offer and said no. She never got the chance to back out of the deal.

Uggh. Thinking of sex as a transaction just plain bugs me.