I was so hungover I ........?? (Poll)

Ok safety tip here: Next time your old highschool buddy calls and says hey so and so is in town lets go down to Moes and have a drink… say NO!

First off I am not one to necessarily have too many at a pub with the guys and be hung over in the morning…But last night I went overboard. Gin has never been so mean to me as it was last night and this morning. I used to think I had a special node in my cerebrum reserved especially for juniper. Now I know I certainly do not. It feels like I have a 20 pound sledge knocking around in my brain when ever I turn my head. OOHHHHHH!!!

Damn I even waved to the schizophrenic guy who waves to every car when you pass by him. Thus the beginning of a make me feel happier thread.

So Does anyone else have a I was so hungover I … story???

I’ll play.
I was so hungover I had fever. For two days.
May have been alchohol poisoning.

I’ll bite too, so that younger Dopers than myself can see the folly of heavy-duty drinking.

I was so hungover after one New Year’s Eve drinkfest that I lay on the floor in confusion until 2. At that point, a friend of mine came round in a panic over a term paper. He couldn’t figure out the formatting in WordPerfect, and I apparently was the only resident expert. Somehow I made it over to his desk in one piece. I was in too much pain to actually look at the screen–so I had him move the cursor around the document and tell me what he saw. After much effort, I figured out what was wrong, mumbled a solution, and shambled out the door so I could volumnously vomit in his sink.

Last hangover I had resulted in me being unable to sleep for 2 days because of incredibly intense nausea- not to mention not eating those 2 days because I was too nauseas.

Oh, and I never threw up during that time, but I certainly felt like I was about to :mad: . Its a horrible feeling and every 8 months or so I tell myself I’ll never let myself get to this point :frowning:

Just to mention I have a really really really low alcohol tolerance so 2 drinks can easily get me drunk and anything more I risk illness.

Thats pretty funny about the Schizophrenic guy. Nearly spit my coffee out because I pass a guy here in town that does that very same thing. Everytime I drive past him he waves. Then when I look in my rear view mirror I see him waving to others…

As for the OP. I once kissed my sister-in-law thinking it was Mrs.Coda after a night of martini’s at our Arizona home…It was the morning after and my wifes twin sister and her husband were over for the weekend.

I’ll relate a story a friend of mine told me.

He used to be a very heavy drinker. Big guy, he could really soak up the booze. He was out drinking Jaegermeiser & beer one night, and at the end of the night he went to say goodnight to the bartender.

Bartender says, “We’re having a sale on Jaeger. I’ve been charging you too much for those drinks.” Rather than giving the guy a refund (because he had already counted out his register), he takes a water glass and pours him about a cup and a half of Jaeger (which gives you an idea of how much the guy had already drunk…).

My friend drinks it, and goes home.

He woke up the next morning on the bathroom floor with no memory of how he got there. Called in sick and crawled into bed with a bucket and stayed there for two days straight. He can’t be in the same room as Jaeger any more without throwing up…

Phlosphr, your first mistake was the gin. That was by far the worst hangover I’ve ever had, and I’ll never drink the stuff again. Pure evil, I tell ya!

No. I’ve never had a hangover. The worst was one time I had drinking straight Russian vodka all night. When I woke up the next morning, I was still drunk.

I tend to metabolize alchohol very rapidly.

I agree. OH DO I AGREE.

I must say my wife was not happy. This is not a norm for me either…I just got out of my first class and I didn’t stand up for the entire thing. Luckily I held it together and didn’t fall off the lecturn.

:smack: <---- Just looking at that makes my temples throb. Though the numbness is setting in and at least I have that…

The worst hangover drinking experiece I’ve ever had was when I was 17 years old. Mind you, I’ve always been a large fellow with a fairly high tolerance for alcohol. Although I was 17, I was already 6ft2 and 179 pounds.

I was in Brazil visiting family and was invited to a party out on a friend’s fazenda. There was a lot of mixed drinks that night and most of it involving cacasa, which is a white sugarcane rum which can range in quality and proof from fairly mild and maybe 60 proof to harsh and about 130 proof. To make a long story short, I ended up drinking till about three in the morning. When the party ended, I and 2 others polished off a bottle of strong cachasa mixed with honey.

I vomited in my sleep and all over myself. I spent the next day nauseous and with a pounding headache that no aspirin could cure. The worst part was that I was still at the fazenda where the was a churrasco with a lot of beer. Half of the guests were sipping beer and vomiting in the bushes. I can only hope that vomit is good for plants because those poor bushes certainly got vomited on that day. I didn’t eat anything until 10:00 PM that night when I was finally able to get some homemand chicken broth to stay down. I was still kind of sick the next day.

I’d like to say that I learned my lesson and never drank to excess again but I would be lying.

My brother told me once in college he woke up covered in vomit, but couldn’t remember if he himself had vomited or not, so he wasn’t sure if it was his or someone elses. ::shudder:: Gives one pause, eh?

A co-worker once told me he “came to” in a phone booth on the other side of town at around 5 in the morning trying to call a high school friend he hadn’t spoken to in 10 years. AND he was wearing SOMEONE ELSES SHOES!!!

My worst hangover was also gin-related. The last thing I remember was putting enough money for 10 songs into the jukebox, but could only recall hearing the first 3. At some point I remember waking up because I was vomiting, and I was hanging over the side of the bed with my husband trying to catch it all in a wastebasket. My husband and I had been out at a fancy xmas party so I was all dressed up (girdle/garters/whatnot – trussed up is more like it) and later in the night I thought “Oh no, I fell asleep in my dress, I better change”, but when I looked down I realized I was in my pajamas already and had no recollection of how that happened. In the morning I had to take a break halfway through my shower to vomit again and spent my busride to work visibly shaking and thinking I was going to have to dash off the bus and vomit again with every stinking fume that wafted my way. When I got to work I sat down at my desk with a bottle of Gatorade, drank two swallows, then called my husband to come pick me up and take me home because I was going to die. That was bad. So very very bad.

Second worst hangover/drinking experience was when my alcoholic roommate got me messed up on “vodka” (meaning the big plastic gallon jug of no-name VODKA) mixed with Minute Maid fruit punch. I only had 3 drinks and threw up seven times between bedtime and morning. You can only throw up so many times before it becomes excruciating. Ugh! That was nearly 10 years ago and I still can’t see a carton of Minute Maid punch in the store without my stomach tightening.

All right, but just one for the road…

Nope, I’ve got too many and seen WAY too much alcohol-related stupidity and death. Maybe I’d tell offline, but some here will be offended in cleartext.

Man’s got to know his limitations.

Freshman year, I got so drunk of Bacardi 151 shots I through up all over my roomate (and most of my stuff). My dorkus roomate went to his friend’s room but when his friend’s roomate came home he accidently pissed all over my roomate. I guess that’s why my roomate went home every weekend:D I couldn’t function for almost 2 days after that.

Another time, I went to visit a buddy and was so hungover, I couldn’t even drive my car the next day and had to stay over another night.

Generally, as an adult, you should become an expert in one alchohol (for me its gin) instead of dabbling around. That way, there’s no surprises.

This past Halloween, I and a female friend got so drunk that we ended up making out on a dare.

I woke up the next morning with her cold PLUS a hangover. It was a very miserable Friday. I missed both of my classes that day.

I’ve only been hungover twice, but I usually wake up with fewer clothes than I had on (not infidelity on my SO or anything, I just get hot when I’m drunk and tend to shut myself in my bedroom, strip, and pass out).

I was hungover on Skyy Blue vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey. Ugh. I’ve sworn off hard liquor.

2nd year varsity, at a national seminar (read Massive Piss Up) for a local student union. First night there got totally drunk. Woke up the next morning wearing my roomates jacket (he’s about a foot shorter than me and I still don’t know how I got the thing on cos it was tiny) with a headache like an elephant tapdancing in my skull.

And I vomited in my suitcase all over my clothes.

Well, you know how you feel when you wake up after a hard night, how you never want to drink again, swear off alcohol forever, the mere thought of taking a drink makes you nauseous?

Sit back. I was out with my cow orkers and two girls had, for some reason, decided to get me totally and utterly drunk. My alcohol tolerance is pretty low to start with, and now I downed three big glasses of beer while the guy next to me finished off half a glass. Then they got me onto the shots. Teeny-weeny glasses of brightly coloured liquid that I start downing in one go each. Everyone at the table is cheering and screaming my name every time a new drink comes along and I was already buzzing, you try to stand up to peer pressure under those circumstances.

To make a long story short I left the pub, threw up, realised I was dead drunk in the middle of a city 30 kilometres away from home. I went to work, where the evening shift was surprised to see me in that state, threw up a bit more and spent the night on a cow orker’s couch.

The next morning I went through all the normal swearing-off-alcohol. The mere thought of another sip made me cringe. But here’s the zinger:

It stayed that way for over three months.

Yep, I was hung over for three months. Couldn’t even think about alcohol or my innards would revolt. If that’s not the mother of all hangovers, I don’t know what is.