I'm so hungover

I hate this part. I mean seriously. I just feel like crap and I want to crawl back into bed and let the day slip away. I’m hungry but I just don’t want to eat anything. I mean come on! Just because I and a buddy finished 3/4 of a handle of Stoli vodka doesn’t mean I should suffer does it? Well, actually, I guess it does.

I’m nursing my gatorade this morning and trying to bumble my way through work but I just wanted you all to know how hungover I am.

That’s just terrible. I wish you only the best and hope you get better real fast.
Is that sorta kinda the response you’re looking for?

Sure we can go with that, or give me humorous stories of your hung over experiences.

I’m sorry you feel bad!

Whack a mole dude. Serious. Box the clown, chug a tall glass of water, then take a nap. You’ll feel like a million in no time.

Just kidding.
I feel for you, I’ve been hung over wayyyy too many times to recall ‘the best of’.
Though, thankfully, lately (like in the last five years) have not shown up hungover at work. I know that really sucks.

One time I had just got home from the bars and fell asleep when the boss calls.
“Can you be at work a couple of hours early? Bob needs some help mounting a chandelier in the Hotel’s ballroom downtown.” Sure, I get back up and get ready for work, all shaking and not even hung over yet becuase I’m actually still drunk.
Get to work by 5 am and start putting together 40 feet of scaffolding so we can climb up and mount this 500lb chandelier. We had to make a bracket in the ceiling to mount this thing and we used 1/4 inch plate steel, sawzalls and a welder to fabricate this. Between the sawzall, the welding, the climbing, lifting, etc., I had one of the most memorable days of work ever. Crushing headache all day long, tears in my eyes from the pain, uncontrollable sweating and massive dehydration. I would have given both my nuts for a cot at about 10 am.
I think we eneded up working till 4:30 that night, straight through.
Did I learn from that? Nope!
Wait till you have to pull that car over on the highway to puke 'cause your so hungover. Good times await you my friend!

He’s at work, dude.
Actually, that makes it all the better, you get to jerk-off and nap on company time.
Anyone else get seriously horny when you’re hungover?

Well, recently I woke up in a hotel room that I don’t remember checking in to (fortunately, BF did).

The humorous part is that I woke up wearing only a tank top, a cowboy hat, and some plastic Mardi Gras beads (fortunately, I found out later that my pants has indeed made it back to the room).

And yes, I did have the queen mother of all hangovers the next day. Don’t know if I was more afraid that I was going to die, or more afraid that I wasn’t. :wink:

This is the point where I admit I work from home, and home is currently with my parents. So I’m 22 years old, hung over, trying to telecommute and hide the hung overedness from my parents at the same time.

I’m passing it off as exhaustion from a late night with my buddies, and I was doing it fine until I needed to purge. The smell of the kitchen tipped the scale and I made a bee line for the bathroom. I was trying to do it as quietly as possible so as to not alert the parents but I figured I’d be busted. I take care of business, rinse my mouth out and then head back to my room to work.

As I pass by my mom’s door she goes, “You okay honey?” And she said it in the way that I knew she knew. She knew that I was hungover and she was willing to keep the facade if I wanted to. At this point I was past caring, I just wanted to feel better so I go, “Yeah mom, I’m fine, I just - uh - had too much fun last night.” My mom laughs and says, “Well, you can get a nap this afternoon and remember to drink lots of fluids.” My mom rocks. I have to admit I was surprised by her response, but as a friend points out - I’m not the first son she’s had.

So I’m feeling a bit better and am nursing gatorade and bread still.

It’s good times.

May I be the first to say that that’s hot. I dig chicks in cowboy hats, especially when they’re pantsless!

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

Hangovers are much worse for me now than they were when I was 22. I really feel like I’m going to die. The worst ones are when you’re so hung over you CAN’T sleep. You take the day off because you’re so freekin’ sick, and you can’t sleep. DAMN!

Give some thought to a big bowl of macaroni ‘n’ cheese. There’s something about it that makes that “poisoned” feeling start to dissipate.

Dude, at least you’ve got the gumption to do your work. I can’t stand people who miss work or classes because they’re hungover. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, I say.
Good on ya. Enjoy 22.

Sip on some ginger ale when you’re up to it. It really helps settle the gut. This afternoon eat a cheeseburger and fries, but not at the same time you’re taking Nurse Carmen’s advice.

My friend’s birthday party was this Saturday night. We ended up closing out the Crow Bar (blue laws=no booze sold after 2am), went back to the birthdya girl’s place, left a few hours later after several people passed out, and were quite surprised at the amount of light outside when we stepped out. Ended up going straight to Kezar Pub at 6:30am to watch hurling with a bunch of drunken Irishmen. Today is the first day I feel okay. I was never quite hungover per se, but I’ve felt oddly still drunk, woozy, and for a lot of the week, my face was numb. Ugh.

Did you know that in addition to it’s use as a hangover cure, gatorade is also used to hydrate athletes? Just found that out the other day. Fascinating world we live in.

I don’t have any remarkable hangover stories for you, but I have some good waking up stories.

A friend of mine had a party at his house one night. Wild bash,people in the basement igniting gunpowder, bathtub full of empties and puke, the host of the party and the other guy who lived in the house were passed out in a corner. I showed up with my 5th of Smirnoff blue label. 45 minutes and one 5th later I was in my own universe. The next morning I awake on the couch with a wicked headache, vomit on my pants, a splitting headache,and the eternal thirst.(If you are not familiar with the eternal thirst, It is when you wake up the morning after and no matter how much water you drink you still have dry mouth and can’t quench your thirst.) I can hear someone moving around upstairs and then walk down the stairs. I assume it is my friend so I let out a mighty “Sweet fucking christ I feel like shit!” It turns out that it was his mom, who lived across the street, Was waking him up for church.

She gave me the all knowing mom smile while I pulled my act together and got out of the house.

If I told you all of my hangover stories, you’d miss happy hour.

Maybe a couple. 30th birthday, we get hammered on tequila. The next morning, my mom calls and said she’d cooked me a birthday lunch, come on over. I get over there and I swear I have to chew each bite for 5 minutes, I can’t eat. All I want to do is sleep. So I finally get back home, kick it in the recliner.

Phone rings, it’s a buddy’s wife, lives up the street. Her (hot, OMFG hot) sister has to drive back home that afternoon, a few hundred miles, and her headlight is busted out. Buddy is at work, could I come down and change it? I stumble up the street, it’s damn hot. I get up there, she has the new headlight but no tools. I stumble back and get tools. Headlight is a bitch to change, I’m about all in. The wife brings me a Dr Pepper, gosh it hits the spot. I drink it and stumble back up the street just as hot, OMFG hot sister is pulling out.

The DP sets up a reaction and I have to pause in the middle of the street to puke up Birthday Lunch w/Foaming Dr Pepper just as hot, OMFG hot sister drives by. I’m sure she was impressed.

Tequila. Seems like the best hanovers are tequila generated. We got hammered on tequila, closed the bars. I have to leave for work at 5:00 AM, so it’s a short night. Luckily my crew is coming by to pick me up, so I can sleep on the 45 minute drive to work. But I’m so hammered they are afraid I’ll hurl, so they throw my passed out ass into the back of the pickup. Oh, and 35 miles or so of the drive are down rough dirt roads. I was none too perky when I got to work.

Or like the time we were drinking tequila and I come stumbling into work. I’m leaning up against the counter, trying to look as normal as possible and the boss walks by. “Rough night?” he asks. My cover was blown! How’d he know? Oh, I was holding my coffee cup crooked and had coffee running down my leg, didn’t even know it.

Way back when I was living with the parents, my mother would vacuum when she knew I was hungover. Right outside the door (or over my room in the basement)! Seemed like it went on for hours… She’d also talk loud and was generally a horrible person for a drunk to be around.

That wasn’t very funny.

Drinking way too hard one night, had an eye appointment the next morning. Rolled into bed about 5AM, got up at 9 and went to the eye doc who proceeded to give me a glacuma test (the puffs of air in the eye).

“Look straight at the light, this won’t hurt it’s just a puff of…” “AAAAH! F*$% DUDE!” “um, just a… just air… are you ok?”