I was totally wrong...

…about the results of my poll about McCain–I expect it would run about 2-to-1 in favor of my view that McCain had sexual designs on Palin’s body, if only because that’s the sort of unprincipled, horny, old, self-destructive maverick I think he’s shown himself to be, but instead the poll now runs at better than 2-to-1 the other way, which means to me that most Americans probably have more respect for McCain than I do. That surprised me because as Republicans go, I almost like McCain. So I got schooled.

What schooling have you gotten from the SD community, particularly from polls? Any results completely surprise you?

I don’t think it’s about most Americans having more respect for McCain, I think it’s that most Dopers don’t think he picked Palin because he thought he’d get lucky with her. Vast difference.


My evil dad told me that one kind of scallops are uniform and all the same size because they are cookie cutter pieces of shark meat. I believed him, and I said so on the SDMB. I was flayed like a catfish by folks who knew better. Eventually, I figured out that nearly everything Evil Dad told me was bullfeet.

I was very surprised that many of y’all were willing to forgo human contact for a million smackers, or whatever the amount was.

I’ve been corrected several times in GQ, but I consider that a good thing.

I was shocked that more than half of polled dopers prefer dark meat turkey to white meat.

Shocked at the number of males who sometimes urinate sitting down.

Shocked at the number of males who say they don’t absolutely hate dancing under any circumstance.

There were probably others, but those two really surprised me. Nothing wrong with either, but I would not have expected the results that came in.

This is the SDMB. NOTHING shocks me.