I watched 3 junk movies and had a ball!

Yesterday, TBS showed three of my junk movie favorites:

Starship Troopers
Total Recall
Demolition Man

Yeah ma, I know I should watch more enlightening television but I can read while I’m watching and multitasking is a good thing.

Do any of you guys like a 3 of these?

I loved Total Recall. It’s just fun to watch.

Demolition Man rocks! “He doesn’t know how to use the shells!” Sly and Wesley are great.

I forgot that one was Demolition Man - in my head I confuse that with Judge Dredd - which I cannot judge, because I haven’t seen it.

But yeah, D-Man was great too.

I love the first two for entirely the wrong reasons; I haven’t seen Demolition Man.

The first two are Paul Veerhoeven flicks. Veerhoeven proved he could do science fiction well with RoboCop, then proved he could do it badly with the others.
They’re solidly entertaining flicks witgh great effects, bt light years from the authors’ original intent (which, unlike other posters, I think counts for something, especially if you’re capitalizing on it by using the title and credit). as I’ve said before on this Board, Total Recall owes a lot more to Robert Sheckley’s “The Status Civilization” than to the Philip K. Dick story it’s nominallty based on. It really doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense, unless…

…you really do assume that this is all happening in Quaid’s head, as they suggest but coyly hint may not be the case.

I’m in the camp that thinks Starship Troopers is a blot on Heinlein’s memory, but let’s not get into that hashed-too-many-times argument. Nobody’s gonna change anyone’s mind at this point. But it is a phenomenal set of imagery and well-put-together storytelling that, again, doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense, regardless of whether you think it should be telling Heinlein’s story or presenting Veerhoeven’s anti-war allegory. So in either case, the only solution is to turn your brain off (or at least down) and look at the pictures.

Anything with Arnold in it is good. Even better are the early ones where it sounds like he’s still ill-at-ease delivering lines in Englisch

I also like Demolition Man and Total Recall.

I have a confession. A couple of weeks ago SciFi showed the 3 Carnisaur movies. They’re awful and I love them. :slight_smile:

Ahh, 3 of my favorite movies. Watching all 3 together like that was probably great.

“Looks like he matched his meet. You really licked his ass.”

One time I decided to catch up on the Hollywood blockbusters I had missed. So it was:

Pearl Harbor

in one sitting. Whoa.

Cafe Society. Off to.

Screw Heinlein. Starship Troopers kicked ass. Veerhoeven’s campy uber-violent style totally works. Otherwise it would have just been a crappy Aliens knock-off.

All those movies are great.
“Condsidah thaht ah divohrce!!”

Hiding under a cloak of anonymity:
I loooove Demolition Man.
Don’t tell anyone.

It ranks right up there with Time Cop.
::: runs and hides in embarrassment :::

Three all-time greats, which I proudly count amongst my best DVD titles. They are right up there next to my Bruce Campbell movies!

Huxley: “Let’s go blow this guy!”
Spartan:Away! Blow this guy away!
Huxley: “Whatever.”

Sandra Bullock sure looked hot in that movie. :smiley:

Hell yeah. That’s the only reason I watched Speed and The Net.

Speaking of Speed…

Wild Things

:hangs head in shame:

Total Recall is much more enjoyable when you look at it like it’s his dream.

Demolition Man is Sly’s best film I admit that’s not saying much. I actually thought I would hate it but was pleasantly surprised.

Starship Troopers bored me to tears. I almost walked out of the theater.

Three crap movies is a breeze. :wink: I saw a little of Demolition Man the other day, and it did look like decent junk. I did find myself really hoping Snipes would kill Sly.

I like all of those flicks, more as guilty pleasures than anything else, but it’s hard for me to sit through three movies at once.

Double features, though, I can just about handle, and I like compare-and-contrast doubles. If it were me, I’d probably do:

Aliens vs. Starship Troopers

Paycheck (which I haven’t seen, but IIRC is based on a P. K. Dick story) vs. Total Recall

Timecop (yay, Bibliocat) vs. Demolition Man

“Murder- Death - Kill”

If you enjoy the winning combination of Rob Schnieder and Sylvester Stalone, I highly recommend Judge Dredd. Certainly it’s the best Diane Lane movie I’ve seen.