I went to see Eagle Eye today and liked it.

Good popcorn movie. Since the movie is new, I won’t post any spoilers. However, I will mention that there weren’t very many political shots at the Bush administration even though the subject matter of the film could have lent itself to them.

There are enough twists to make the movie interesting, but not so many as to wear you out. It isn’t a Mission Impossible type movie with triple crosses and the like. Also, it doesn’t get bogged down with a love story. I was afraid it would be.

It is a movie that I think works better in the theatre than on DVD. The special effects aren’t amazing, but some of them require the size of a movie theatre screen.

Just saw it. The premise was ridiculous, but the execution was fun. The plot would fall into tiny shreds if you looked at it askance, but if you just accept it it’s very enjoyable. The two Shias gave me naughty thoughts :wink: I liked that who exactly were the good guys and the bad guys was left somewhat ambiguous until towards the end. This is the first time I’ve seen R Dawson in a role where she wasn’t sexed up. The computer set reminded me a lot of the neutron detector.

Saw this one on Saturday night, and I love it. I hear Roger Ebert pretty much bashed it for being an “assault on consciousness” simply because it was farfetched. That’s why it’s called fiction. It doesn’t have to be believable, just enjoyable and entertaining. And I found it to be both.

Then again, I’m bias. I’d pay $10 just to watch Shia sitting in a chair for 90 minutes.

I loved it. Not much in the rewatchability factor, because after you know the ‘secrets’, the movie might lose it’s mystique and intrigue, which is most of the fun. But it was fun, clever at times, and Shia is of course fun to watch. As far fetched as it was, I loved the explosive and trigger devices.

I did notice a couple nods to 2001: A Space Odyssey. (very minor spoiler by description of something learned later in the movie. Go see it unspoiled) Obviously the giant glowing red eye/sphere of the AI computer, and I believe one of the military guys (the black guy) that had top-level security access, his name was Bowman. Wonder if there were any more I didn’t catch?

We saw it on opening day, at an IMAX theater…yeah, a good popcorn film, and yeah, plenty of holes in the plot, but who cares? Didn’t expect to see an Oscar winning film when we went in, so we just sat back enjoyed the ride.

Saw it, liked it. I thought the action was good and that nothing stood out as internal story contradictions (but as with all of these types of stories, I didn’t look too hard).

I’d definitely give it a thumbs up, and see it in the theatres.

(Definitely don’t look at the spoiler unless you want the movie ruined…)
The only complaint I did have was

… at the very end of the movie. I think they blew it that he survived. He took several bullets, which should have been enough to kill him. I think the dramatic impact was greatly lessened by the “oh, look, just joking, he really did survive, needing only an arm sling.” My wife suggested that maybe he also took a bulletproof vest off of the cop, but I didn’t see any indication of the that. Did anyone?