"I will not shoot spit balls."

A teacher’s old standby. Write X sentences on the blackboard.

Do you think one method is faster than the other? Complete sentences across the board versus repeating letters/words down.

Straight down is a lot faster, as once you get in the groove, you can just rely on muscle memory. Just watch out for it getting sloppy–if it does, move on to the next word.

Of course, part of the punishment is to make you bored to death. So although what I mentioned above is faster, you’ll probably want to vary it up a bit.

I also must admit I’ve never done it on the board–we were always given paper.

Personally, I would just wait it out with the teacher, taking about 10 minutes per word until 7pm or so.

Nice. I like your style.

From experience, the teacher gives up on that day, LONG before 7PM. And you continue the next afternoon, repeat until “X” lines have been completed… or so I’ve heard.

The rule in the schools I attended was also always “full lines, move to the next one.” Again, based on the stories of others of course.

7th/8th grade Social Studies class misbehavior would get you “Longitudes & latitudes” instead of “lines”. You would have to find the lat/long of X number of major cities. This was all before internet, so you pulled out the atlas, and started comparing locations to the grids.

I never got to write punishments on the blackboard. It was always on paper. Writing the same word in columns was faster then writing each line individually. Most these punishments were number based not time based so I opted for straight down. Teachers moved up to making me write more complex things like the Preamble to the Constitution, the Gettysburg address or the Declaration of Independence. Only way to get those done faster was to memorize them. Man I hated writing as punishment.

I too was always given pen and paper, and thought of a number of ways to speed up the process. Same word all the way down the page and then moving on to the next is definitely quicker, particularly on a blackboard because assuming the line starts with “I”, you can just draw a straight line all the way down the board and then rub out gaps for each “I”.

I once tried tying three pens together with an elastic band so as to write three lines at once with the same hand movement, but this proved so cumbersome that the above method was quicker.

Two pens work if you just hold them next to each other in your hand. That’s how we always did it in middle school.