I will now reveal the most beautiful eye color in the entire world.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is entirely subjective. That said, my subjective standards are the best I have ever come across, and so I feel impelled to reveal them to the world so that you may benefit from my graciousness.

It’s not blue eyes, or green eyes, or brown eyes. It’s Amber Eyes.

It is freakishly rare, but with genetic engineering and other human enhancement, expect to see more of this in the coming century.

They are light brown eyes.

When you say “amber” I think of something more yellow, or orange.

Something’s gotta give here. One of you is wrong.

Yeah,** Salvor**, I need a better pic to see your point. Those close ups don’t support your statement.

Amber eyes are not light brown, they’re brownish gold. My brother has amber hazel eyes. Or hazel amber. They’re dark orangey brown with flecks of gold and green. Really striking.

I was personally thinking of something along the lines of this:

Blue Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Light brown seems less… radiant than amber, less golden/copper.

more “amber”


And even though these look light brownish/amber to me, they are labeled “cognac” colored eyes

Either way, it’s clear this is the most striking color. Reminds me of my childhood going to that mall store natural wonders where they sold those tigers eye rocks with the copper bands that reflected light

The right kind of light blue is the most striking.
Alexandra Daddario
Elton John-Nikita “Eyes that look like ice on fire”

I think the OP is being fooled by lighting. Those are light brown eyes in especially strong light. Pretty easy to do in photo, not so much so IRL.

I knew a guy in the Navy who had what I called “cat eyes”. Women loved them. I thought the guy was creepy.

Yeah, I’m wondering about that myself, plus the tendency to over saturate eyes in portrait post-processing. But there does appear to be something called amber eyes. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen eyes I’d call amber, but I’m not one who really notices eye color.

Aw shucks, that’s my eye color, I never knew I was freakishly rare.

The coolest eyes I’ve ever seen were a friend of mine who had one light grey eye, and one eye that was green with a brown splotch on about 1/3rd of the iris. Must have been hit with a cosmic ray while in the womb.

My dog has Amber eyes. She gets a lot of treats.

(I don’t think it’s that rare in dogs)

You know who had Bette Davis eyes?

Bette Davis

Naturally I assumed this would be about Elizabeth Taylor.

I bet if Doc Qadgop were to come into this thread, he’d say the most beautiful eye color is tawny.

I was born with violet eyes but they changed to hazel when I was about two years old :frowning:

Huh. They look light brown to me, with some light shining on them.

I had a friend whose dog was named Amber. Guess why? :wink:

When I took HS biology, and we got to genetics, the teacher mentioned that condition. My lab partner raised his hand, and pointed out that he was one of the people who had it. We had those kind of desks that were wide enough for two people to share, and I had sat next to him all year without noticing.

What you’re calling amber is very very close to Hazel. Which is my wife’s eye color. At least that is the color that is listed on her DL. I think they ARE the most beautiful eyes in the entire state of Texas. Then again, I’m pretty sure I’m a tad partial.

But yes, those are pretty eyes in the linked photo. I’m not sure if that amber–as you call it–is my favorite. I love vivid green eyes, and am happy that’s my personal eye color. Though, at middle age they’re not quite as vivid as they were some 20 or more years ago. But, man…green eyes on a red-head woman? Truly beautiful, I think.