I win!!!!

Of everyone in my lab, I’ve said the most stupid/funny things. Here’s the email annoucing it:
Hey kids-

Now that it’s a new season, and we entirely missed spring cleaning – I decided it’s about time to archive the quotes on the wipe-off board and clean the board. I wrote them as they appeared, so keep that in mind when you look around the lab at your seemingly sweet and innocent co-workers. Incidentally, you’ll note that the champion contributor is a certain Mouse_Maven, who contributed 35% of all quotes. Next in order of quote-worthiness is Todd at 20%. The rest of us individually contributed 10% or less. I think that says enough.



p.s. I also moved Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey – he now resides on my desk – feel free to visit anytime – he likes chocolate.

Isn’t there a corollary to the kitten rule (threads about kittens must have pictures)

Threads about saying stupid stuff must have quotes!

I learned my lession - I once mentioned my cats in a thread and got lots of request for pictures.

Here are some of my quotes:

**If feel like a cross dresser whenever I dress up.**My first quote. Isn’t it cute?

**And diabetes in all in your pancreas. What’s your point?**This was in response to someone’s “Its all in your head” comment about my OCD.

I’m not even 30 and I buy polident.
I use Polident to clean my retainer. Someone thought this comment was funny. :confused:

Standard deviation: sexual practices that everyone indulges in but no one talks about.
This is from a story of mine. I was taking a quiz in statistics and I couldn’t remember the definition of standard deviation. This quote was my answer, I got pratial credit for it :cool:

That’s a nice rack.
In labs, the test tube holders are called “racks.” I said this to a female co-worker that had a nice, new rack. :smack:

Mouse’s rule of Religion and Politics: You never discuss religion or politics with someone who hasn’t seen you naked twice.
Well, this is my rule. I state it when conversations get heated.