I wish I lived in the UK! I want one of these!


Hasbro US doesn’t have this option :frowning: sigh

This would be perfect in my collection and I was merrily plotting my board until I read the fine print that stated they wouldn’t deliver it to me.

I’m very jealous as some of the best editions have only come out over on the European side of the world.

is this a “i wish i lived in the UK” thread cause i want

a 22b
a RB5
a UK300

these are cars btw

You can do what I did, and buy a Make-your-own-opoly (by TDC games) and use the software to design it yourself.

A great upside to this is that the MyMonopoly is over $160, but the make-your-own is as low as $20 (see google results).

tanookie, I could order your board, and post it on to you from the UK! Just post your credit card number, and leave it to me… :smiley:

Seriously though, it would be possible, if you had a friend who lived here.

Brad: What makes of car are they?

I have a make-your-own-opoly and it isn’t the same…

If you follow the www in my profile to the incomplete list of my collection you’ll see why I’d love that one so much :wink: I’m asking everyone I know if they know anyone in the UK I can ship one to! So far my best lead is a friend’s coworker’s mother.

A girl can dream though :slight_smile:

they are special editions of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi’s

Well, tanookie, since you are such a sweet person and with us both being BosDopers and all, I think it’s only fair that I volunteer to get on a plane and fly to England and pick the darn thing up for you myself. * No, really, it’s the least I can do. It could be a new baby gift.
And while I’m there I could meet some of the wonderful UK Dopers and really it wouldn’t be that big of a sacrifice at all. What do you say UK Dopers? Anyone up for MonopolyFest?
*Of course we’d have to come up with the airfare, hotel and living expenses, but maybe they’ll take Monopoly Money.

On a related monopoly subject…Has anyone seen that special edition board? I believe its made of wood, has solid gold characters, solid silver houses and if I remember correctley real money! It must be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Of course I may have just dreamt it…

Yeah, I remember seeing ad’s for it the papers. I dunno about the real money though. It certainly had gold pieces and a wooden board

The franklin mint makes one that has all the stuff you mentioned, Willass, except for the real money!

My In-laws tease me with theirs every so often. I did get their sign from them so there is always hope!

Oh and Salem what a fabulous idea! Maybe I could get the inlaws to keep the kids for oh a month or so and have hubby and I go pick one up? If only I could finance a trip to Europe and come home with some insanely cool monopoly stuff too! Where’s that lotto win when I need it?

I’m liking the idea of a monopolyfest though. We could have a local one. They make party supplies in monopoly themes and I have enough games that all the bostondopers could play with dozens still left sitting in their boxes!

At college, we made our own by carefully drawing new squares for an existing board, and sticking them on. It was Cambridge College monopoly. Mayfair and Park Lane were Trinity and St John’s, obviously. Houses were “pints in the college bar” and hotels were “rounds in the college bar”. All the Chance and Community Chest cards were things like “Get a first from your supervisor for your essay” “Get caught by the Dean attempting to climb Kings College Chapel, fine £500”