What's your piece?

When you play Monopoly, what’s your favorite piece? I always favored the dog, but we recently bought an “original” set that had additional pieces. Now I think I’ll be the battleship, or maybe the purse.

See this for more info:


I, too, am the Scotty.

Top hat all the way, bay-bee!

I always tried to be the car… and being the younger brother, whatever I wanted is what they would not let me have… so I ended up with the shoe…
what fun is a shoe… really…

If I have to stick with those pieces, I’m the cannon. Usually, though, I’m a blue d10.

I’m usually the wrench. I swipe it from my Clue set.


I like the shoe.

the shoe
or the wheel barrow
or the penny
(if you grew up in a house full of kids, you probably lost the pieces and had to use substitutes like us)

The set we had as a kid had the rocking horse in it. That was me.

I suspect the thrift-shop set I own now is from the war period mentioned in the link because it has the wooden pawns. Booooring! I haven’t played in ages though, I just don’t have the patience (and my one-year-old won’t play with me :()


I always went for the car. It made the most sense to me, ya know? It was hard for me as a seven-year-old to conceptualize an iron walking around.

Then again, it was hard for me as a seven-year-old to play monopoly, period.

Well…you can kick their butt with it… and besides, it gives you more sole.

As for me… I like the tophat, or one of my kid’s plastic army men…


As a kid I had to have the iron.

Then I got the 50th anniversary edition in 1985. It had a train piece. Since then, that’s the one I play with. If I’m playing on a set without it, it’s back to the iron then.

Zev Steinhardt

I thought this was a gun thread! (Walther PPK)

But it’s a Monopoly thread. Top Hat.

My favorite piece is a Beretta 96 Brigadier .40, …monopoly oh that would be the tophat.


The shoe…always the shoe. I have had extremely large feet for most of my life, so I guess I like the novelty of a tiny shoe. <grins>

I’m the car - it made sense to me as a kid to go as fast as possible around the board. Just keep collecting that $200!

AAAAAAAGHHH!!! My Monopoly set had the wooden pieces!!! And now I don’t know where it is! I had no idea my Monopoly was a part of the war effort. My game helped kick Hitler’s ass and now I don’t know where it is.

Is that set worth anything to collectors of games, or WWII memorabilia, or anything?

[sub]please say no please say no please say no[/sub]

Blinky. Or Kang.

Of course, all I have is the Simpsons Monopoly set.

My old set had a battleship which I always liked to play. Also had a “Go back to Old Kent Road” (UK version) which doesn’t seem to exist in newer sets.


Cheers, Keithy

The Scotty dog. Or the revolver from the Clue game.