What Monopoly piece MUST you be?

Inspired by todays SD column regarding the pieces from the game. (I would link to it, but everyone here, of course, has read it already!!)

Me? I HAD to be the car or I wouldn’t play.

If you even joked that I had to be the wheelbarrow I’d be quite likely to flip the board, scattering play money and various houses/hotels about the room!


I have to be the scottie dog, preferably riding around in the car.

With perfect balance and precision, it can be finagled. :slight_smile:

In college, we lost most of the pieces and had to substitute our own. I was always the Heineken beer cap.

I had to be rolling in the car, buying up streets.

I was the little shoe. It was so cute and easy to move around. Tried playing as the dog once and it didn’t feel the same.

I was always the scottie dog or the thimble. It’s bad luck to be the shoe or the battleship.

I always had to be the iron. That was until we got the 35th anniversary edition (about 20 years ago) which had a train piece. Now I’m always the train.

Zev Steinhardt

I had to be the Scottie Dog… So he could pee on other players.

I was 11. :o

I always had an unholy fascination with the thimble.

Yup, the same child who ate dirt like the cats and wanted to be a fire engine when he grew up.

I always WANTED the shoe. If I couldn’t be the shoe, the battleship or the horse & rider suited me fine.

In a pinch, I’d grudgingly SETTLE for the car or cannon.

But NEVER the iron, hat, thimble or dog!


If’n I can’t be the doggie, I’m takin’ my game and goin’ home.



On my board, it’s not a shoe . . . it’s a manly BOOT!

The dog.

Have to be the iron. Won’t play otherwise!

The cute little Scottie Dog, of course!

The hat.

I was scorched the last time this question was asked because I collect Monopoly games and pieces. Last time I played I used my '57 Chevy Monopoly piece.

My older sister always had to be the dog. I would be the iron and when I landed on her hotels (which were on every property except the purples) I could fit the hotel over me. We had two games’ worth of money and she would have all the five hundreds and hundreds and every now and then she’d go “It’s Christmas!” and throw ones and fives around for me to scramble around and pick up . . .

Issues? What issues?

The Scottie. Until I met my wife, who just HAD to be the Scottie. I always liked having him balance on his front paws and nose.

I have to say my Monopoly board is so old it doesn’t have the peices you guys are talking about. Mine is a small game box, black, about 9 inches square, one inch tall. The game board is seperate.

Inside is tiny money, wood hotels and houses, dice and the cards.

The playing pieces are made of wood. They look similer to pull handles on drawers, but each with their own design.

I always have to be the purple one. :slight_smile: