Which piece do you play in Monopoly?

Feel free to justify your pick!

Dog! just cause I like dogs!

The equestrian. Because I’m that damned grandiose. :slight_smile:

Thimble. I used to sew a lot. 2nd choice is the hat, 3rd is the wheelbarrow.

Wow, you guys are fast. Three answers and I didn’t even get the poll up!

i like the dog - just love scottish terriers . . .

I’m putting on my top hat.

I never had a favorite, just picked from what was left.

Always the shoe! I loved the shoe, and I have no idea why.

The dog was second choice, but almost nobody else wanted the shoe so I usually got it.

Horse. It’s taller and easier to maneuver. Distant second choice: The hat.

I always end up the iron because my kids choose the other, better pieces first.

There’s a money bag? There’s a horse?

I’m not familiar with the money bag, either, but here’s the horse.

I always assumed that was a statue, not a horse. It has a rider, so if it’s not a statue, that means it’s actually a person, which I think is antithetical to the whole idea behind the pieces.

For some reason, when I play board games, I pick the least loved token. I’m always Mrs. Peacock, or the yellow gingerbread man, or what have you. So I chose iron, but I see I must play wheelbarrow from now on!

I usually call dibs on the car before the box is opened.

Cannon. I leave it to you Freudians to explain why.

Cowboy is the tallest. That’s why I always pick it.

This is what I play with and why.

I play the shoe because it has that little handle and it’s easy to grasp. If someone else wants the shoe, I play the iron.