I wish our species would stop with the bullshit

I’m sick of tired of the bullshit hopes our pathetic species clings to to get by in this hopeless universe.

Religion/supernaturalism: so much nonsensical bullshit. I am so pissed that I have to be part of a species where 90% of ‘adults’ in the world are in fact just illogical desperate children who cling to ridiculous fairy tales to get by in life. It’s pathetic.

Science: for those ‘adults’ who don’t have supernatural fairy tales to get by, they usually pretend science will save them, like by ‘curing death’ or some shit. Or maybe the ‘singularity’ fantasy will magically save us all. Surely the singularity is coming soon! Come, singularity, come! Science isn’t going to save us; we are doomed to death in a shitty universe beyond our understanding. Fuck.

Miscellaneous: aliens will save us. Life is an illusion. Etc. etc.
I hate this bullshit fucking pathetic hopeless species and the ridiculous nonsense we cling to to get by in a hopeless death trap that we live in. I only hope our pathetic tragic joke of a species dies sooner rather than later; I hope we kill ourselves, or get killed by something, soon. Then never again will our pathetic accidental species suffer in a shithole universe on our way to eternal extinction, all the while clinging to delusions and bullshit fairy tales to get by.

Fuck. Kill our fucking species.

The sooner our species dies, the sooner good people like me will never again suffer terribly in an uncaring unfair shithole universe.

And no, for those of you who probably think i suffer daily, that’s not true, and I don’t want you to feel bad for me as if it were. I suffered in the past (got abused in school), and it was terrible, but now I suffer not economically or physically but metaphysically, b/c I became an atheist over a year ago and now I know that our species is a tragic joke headed nowhere.


Could you wait until after Tuesday? I have a fishing trip planned.

Sorry to post again, but I just needed to say that if you think I’m a theist in disguise trying to make atheism look hopeless, well, just say so, and i’ll explain why atheism is the truth. I am not a Xian, muslim, or hindu or buddhist. There is no magic man in the sky, nor is there or ever has been a shred of evidence for the ‘supernatural’ or an ‘afterlife’. Please don’t insult my intelligence again by claiming I’m a theist. I’m really sick of it.

You first.

I think they’ve also got a sale on black notebooks at Hot Topic too. Might want to stock up for the next time your need to describe the horrible pain in which you live every day becomes too crushing for your teenage soul to bear.

Life has the meaning we give to it. Despite the nihilistic posts I’ve made over the past few days, this atheist really does find meaning and beauty in the world.

Instead of Pitting the universe that was so unintentionally kind as to give you a chance at having life, why don’t you really say what’s on your mind?

What’s got you down?

I’m not trying to convert you or anything, but there’s a degree of faith and belief in everyone’s everyday life. I believe the Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Pisa, I believe the CN tower’s in Canada. I’ve visited neither. Believing in something you haven’t personally witnessed isn’t necessarily ridiculous. Your basis for what constitutes proof or a credible source (e.g. knowing our species is a tragic joke) is your own. As far as I know, neither you or I or anyone on this planet has the capability of confirming or denying the existence of any invisible supernatural creator.

I don’t see why you’re so concerned about the species not dying out… it’s going to happen sometime, just probably not in your lifetime. Sorry.

I’m curious, though. Who is the joke on and who is it for? What would be your plans for the species if everyone wasn’t so ignorant and religious?

Man, I didn’t know Der Trihs had a kid brother. Their mom’s basement must be huge.

And for the record, I don’t think you’re a theist posing as an atheist. I think you’re a weirdo posing as an asshole.

I wish everyone would give up all supernaturalism, and then come to a consensus to stop procreating so that never again will ‘good’ people suffer (millions of them do every day). 100 years later, when everyone has died of old age, the final remaining people on earth would then kill as much life on earth as possible in order to prevent any other species from one day evolving the curse of consciousness.

I care a ridiculous amount about the suffering of the ‘good’, you see, and would like to see the above happen b/c of how much I care. Read my other thread I started to understand my views more.

Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine? Shouldn’t you be on a ledge somewhere?

Or does the ledge get good Wi-Fi and that’s why you haven’t jumped yet?

God is great
God is good
Let us thank him
for this newb. :smiley:

Happy Sunday xkcd!

Playing along for the moment, ignoring the overwrought, self-centered, maudlin content of the OP…

Just what is it that makes this a “shithole universe”? You got any ideas for a better one? This one has supernovae, black holes, Bach fugues, and volcanoes.

Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Just because you’re apparently incapable of appreciating these (and countless other) wonders, you don’t necessarily speak for the rest of us ‘good’ people.

Every day millions of good people suffer horribly. That’s the way it’s been since the beginning of our species, b/c we live in an unconscious uncaring death trap of a universe that doesn’t give a shit if you’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and that sucks. I want to live in a conscious loving universe that protects the ‘good’ and punishes the ‘bad’, and wherein we are not just animals headed towards eternal death.

I hate this universe, and I hope the tragedy of our species dies soon.

OTOH, I could just finish this beer and not worry about it.

You’re not one of the suffering ‘good’ people. At least not yet…

Did your girlfriend break up with you? It’s OK, there are plenty of other ninth graders in the sea.

I’ll bet little Becky Smith will have her braces off when sophomore years starts in a few weeks. And a little birdie told me Susie Jones is busting out of her training bra at summer camp. Things will turn around.

Every day millions of good people do good works and experience pleasure. Why do you want to take that away from them?

Once again, I ask: What happened? You get dumped or something? We might be in a better position to help if you tell us the specific rather than the nihilistic general.

Beautiful. Just . . . beautiful! :smiley:

Let me guess…23, 24? You’ll grow out of it. Or you’ll die first. Either way, in 10 years, you won’t be this miserable.

And I don’t say that to dismiss your feelings, I really don’t. But just to let you know that it’s perfectly normal and yes, everyone feels like that at some point, and it’s usually right about the same chronological point. If I were feeling religious, I’d say it’s a testing point from a god. If I were feeling scientific, I’d hypothesize there’s some glitch in the hormonal process at the end of adolescence that tends to lead us into a depressive state, probably one “designed” by nature to prod us into mating before our fertility declines sharply at 30. Sociopolitical, I’d point out that disaffected youth is how revolutions happen, when young people are finished or nearing completion of their schooling, but are just discovering that the world is not a safe place and doesn’t have a position carved out for them like they anticipated. Freudian, I might note that this is the true end of the Oedipal cycle, when you’ve moved into a state of independence which signals to your psyche that you’ve lost your mother as primary love in your life and not yet found a replacement for her in a lifelong romantic partner.

In the end, of course, you’re absolutely right. The world contains a lot of suffering that doesn’t mean anything. Life is empty and meaningless, and then you die. And when you die, people will stand around your grave sniveling for 20 minutes or so, and then they’ll go to lunch. And that’s it.

Nothing in your mere existence means anything. The only thing that could mean something is what you DO. What you CREATE. What you make HAPPEN. Want to ease suffering? Start a soup kitchen. Even after you die, if you’ve set it up well, it will continue to help people.

So create that. Create something that protects good people. Plenty of people do - airbags, plastic slides that don’t burn your legs on a hot summer day, lowfat potato chips… Create something that punishes the bad. Plenty of people do - law enforcement, jails, high fat potato chips… Create something that will last after you are dead. Plenty of people do - there’s this guy named DaVinci. Cool guy, I like him a lot, only I’ve never met him because he died hundreds of years before I was born. But his influence and ideas and beauty affect tens of thousands of people every day.

I appreciate your kindness, but I resent how people always claim that bitterness/discontentment like mine is just a ‘youthful phase’.

Tell that to Schopenhauer, Zapffe, or Thomas ligotti (that last one’s still alive).

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to cop out and start living a mindless life of bullshit like the rest of you ‘adults’ did. Maybe I’m too smart, or maybe I just hate bullshit more than you do. Either way, a sheep-like life is not one I can have, unlike you guys.