I woke up too early

and it’s only 29 degrees out there!!!

Monday – blech. I think I will attempt to go back to sleep for a while. Thank God I am self employed.

The morning news:

30 million gallons of stockpiled oil, yeah like that’s going to make a dent. It’s just a Democrat ploy to help out Mr. Gore – but some of us are smarter than we look.

A nine year old boy was struck by a Camaro while riding in his go cart near the construction site of my client…what the hell was his father thinking (his father was watching while his son got hit.)

It’s 'sposed to warm up to 65 degrees today.

Mudane, pointless, yep.

Happy Monday everyone I am going back to bed soon!

er that would be “mundane” not “mudane”

Sheesh, it’s too early!

I woke up too early, too. My workday starts at 5:00. Oops, I got to work at 5:15. Fortunately, there is no one else here that early to check up on me. The other guy is on vacation. My dog woke me up, needing to go outside, at 1:00 and I couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hour. So by the time I needed to wake up, I didn’t want to. I am sleepy. Yuk. Happy Monday.

I get up at 6am, to get wife off to work. It’s misting hard enough to need the windshield wipers, but not hard enough otherwise. It’s windy, and heavy overcast. Wonderful monday. All it needs is for the temp to drop down to 50. Wait… that’s Wednesday.


You’d pretty much have to be! :smiley:
(Just kidding. I couldn’t resist the straight line.)

I like it cold! It gives me a chance to wear a jacket.

I got up at 0400 (Pacific). Started the coffee and logged on. Started the laundry. Read some SDMB and drank coffee. Put the laundry in the dryer. Went for a walk, a little under 2 miles, for half an hour. Folded the laundry. Got more coffee. Back to SDMB.

I’ll jump in the shower sometime between 0600 and 0630, then head off to work at 0700. I’ll get there around 0800/0815.

Not enough coffee to remember to turn off the italics.

I get up at 3:16 every week day morning. Then I pee…and I go back down at 3:18 every week day morning.
Geez…am I beat at 2-3pm

Our alarm goes off at 5:40 a.m. but we usually don’t get out of bed until 6:00 or 6:15. I have to shower and get ready for work and get the kids ready (when Matt doesn’t do it) and leave the house by 7:00. I’m o.k. if I can go to bed about 9:00 or 9:30 but last night I was up past 11:00 because I watched Varsity Blues on Showtime. I only had two cups of coffee at home and I can’t drink the coffee at work because it sucks. Guess I’ll just suffer through the day!

An update on the little boy…apparently he is brain dead from the accident.

WTF was his father thinking? This was a road that was not open for traffic, aka it was not approved for traveling on. In addition to that a 16 year old boy will forever have to deal with the fact that he was driving illegally on a road he should not have been driving on and put a little boy in the hospital and deal with the fact that the boy may never be able to speak or talk again.

Okay, I see that the father wanted to take his son out where he thought he would be safe, but in our county there are plenty of places that he could have taken him that are safe for his son to drive his go cart. (the cart was more of a sand railer than a go cart.)

This is too much for my Monday morning brain to think about but I am thinking about it anyway!


Anyone with some happy news? I am dealing with a cat that is very sick (taking him to the vet this week) so my focus is less than positive.

im in sydney and the olympics are on, nighttime here is better than usual, the police are letting people drink in public places etc, anyway, everyone here is happy, i normaly see at least one bad streetfight whenever i go into the city at nite… but since the olympics, none and there are tens of thousands of people walking about being pleasant and nice to each other. we play cricket (a sport) in australia and most kids grow up playing it in their backyards or out in the street with their mates, its a very australian thing to do, for christmas, most young boys will get a junior cricket set at the age of about 5, i remember getting mine, all the family comes around for a christmas bbq, drink beer and play cricket with the kids. last night, i was in what is usually the buissiest street of the sydney cbd,we were watching a free concert and a few thousand people sat nearby to watch the olympics on the big screen. a guy came out with a junior cricket set and started setting up stumps and a rubbish bin at the other end i walked up to him to ask if i could play, “no worries mate” i bowled to him and he would tap the ball back, eventually we had about thirty people standing around playing cricket, strangers, all standing around and saying how much fun this was, we were eventually asked to move on, so we did. we went onto the road and started playing across one of the main streets, i got some tourists to join in “ay guy’s, you wanna come and play a bit of backyard cricket with us?” “aww sweet” “cheers”. and so we had about two hundred people blocking traffic at about one in the morning for a game of cricket.
it made my night.

sorry techchick68, rainy day and monday here in philly. the one bright spot so far was when a pink gorilla delivered birthday greetings to a co-worker. we are over the joy now. oh well, at 1:30pm we will have the “filling of the m&m chair” to look forward to. rainy days and mondays always get…