I won the Barnes & Noble poetry contest!

First Place even and with a Teemings poem! Yay me!

Odd thing is that it was shortest and tiniest poem and I’m still not really happy with it. But the Judges liked it and that all that matters.

Prizes? Oh my! Maybe a free latte? Who’s Henry Wilson?

So now I need sensitive, brooding poet togs… and a soul patch. I don’t have time to grow a decent soul patch! Damn!

The winning entry


the arc of her life
spiraled out
a flickering
stutter of fate
tossed back down
into the black
foaming static
singing softly
she arose
her love radiant
defying transcendence
to a pointless
quantum smear

Very cool! Congrats :slight_smile:

You’ve made us all very proud! Well done. Do we get to read it and what did you mean by the “Teemings” referance?


And I think you look adorable in the beret – go ahead and wear it.