I Wont Let This Small Hick Ass Town Take My Best Friend Away!!!!

I know that some of you have already met Bruna. But for those who havent shes the forgein exchange student from Brazil.
When she moved here she became Macombs new joke. At first evryone was kinda nice to her then it all hell broke out. Her family that she was staying with was so mean to her. And their daughter went around spreading rumors about her. Then finally she told her keeper that the family was being mean to her and they moved her to a new home…

Now the real problem is every thing has gotten worse. The daughter and her friends spread rumors about her. And the whole town is talking about the forgein exchange student who goes out and gets drunk. And she only came her to have as much sex as possible and do drugs. But yes the getting drunk part is true but she is not here to have sex and do drugs.

this problems gets worse and worse. She finially told denise her new mom and she called her mom in Brazil her mom wants her to come home. Bruna doesnt want to go home but she doesnt want to stay in a place that torments her. i tell her to just ignore it but uts at the point she cant. I love her so much she knows this. But she wants a new school or to go home. I dont know what to do. i dont want her to go then i dont her to be sad. She is my sister and best friend and im too afraid to loose her

so macomb knock it the fuck off and mind your damn business:mad: ::frowning:

and you are?

I’m not sure about your school, but in mine this would have been high praise indeed. This description matches people from some of my fondest memories.

Isn’t sweetsensation the username of the Brazilian girl? I’m confused, too.

I think the Brazilian girl was using Sweetsensation’s e-mail address. I for one am not surprised she’s got a reputation since she dropped trow in the middle of the street to pee, got a tattoo, got shit-face bombed (hey, it happens). I’m also not surprised her American family is dissing her. High school girls can be very insecure, and when an exotic attention junkie comes to town, the little boys are probably beside themselves with lust for this chick.

She should try to get transferred to another school, another town, or something and START OVER. Maybe she won’t put her worst foot forward this time. Not that I wouldn’t have made at least a couple of mistakes (life of the party that I was in H.S.), but this kid goes right from the frying pan into the fire!

Candyland sounds like a horrible place! Can’t Denise get out of that Molasses Swamp she’s mired in, and see if Queen Frostine can’t smite those horrid gossips?

Dang Vell thats tough- Hope everythign works out, but as you know by now life isn’t fair. Unfortunelty what goes around comes around. I am not syaing that she deserves rumors to be spread about her, but she also did not give herself a good start. Tell I said to Buck up, and hopefully it will pass soon.

“Hick Ass”?

Sauron I believe that refers to the process of giving a rim job while having a spastic diaphram, but I could be mistaken.

Pouring a full glass of water down an ass will usually make the hicks go away. Either that or get it to hold it’s breath for as long as possible.

Other than that, I’m sorry about your friend’s situation. Jr. High & High School are tough enough without the added burden of language, custom and alcohol problems.

I am so starting to smell a rat with this whole thing. A super rat.

guin, the jingle you hear is your other leg being pulled because it has bells on. It’s pretty obvious this is fiction.

Do you recognize her or is she just taking this out for a spin?

What was YOUR first clue? Mine was the grammer mistakes being similar, just fewer.

Oh… but that could be from the duress of having a fiance’ die in a tragic bungee jumping accident this morning!

Gotcha yaaaaaaaaa…

Oh, please, go on…

Haven’t we heard something like this before?

What the heck is going on? Is this some ongoing thing saga?