I wore a bolo tie to work Friday!

For those who do not know what a bolo tie is, it is one of those western sting ties. Anyway, I am tired of the same old ties, though my collection does include some “intersting” ties, and wanted to do something different. And since where I work they are stuck in the '80’s and refuse to let us have casual Fridays or even weekends, even though most of the branches do, I will at least try to be

So I bought a bolo ($10.00) and wore it, and only got two comments, both favorable from female type co-worker persons!! Not really the reaction I thought I would get, most did not notice or comment.

I have to admit I like the goofy thing, no trying to get the knot just right with the dimple in the middle. No trying to get the length just right. No tying it several times until I am satisfied. Best of all it has a simple black stone in the middle (of an arrowhead), so it goes with almost all of my shirts. You don’t have to worry about leaning to wash your hands or over the table and it dipping into your food or some unkown puddles.

I do wear boots, but am definitely not a “country” type guy. I wear them mainly to keep mosquitoes from biting my ankles. I also find them comfortable and easy to put on and off, no laces to break.

I would like to end by saying, Viva el Bolo!!

I think bolo ties are cool. You’ll have to wear one to the next Hou-Dope.

Wow, I think I finally found a chick magnet!!!

Have you been reading, Adam Warren’s series, The Dirty Pair?

No, I am not aware of that series, why?

Zap, dude:

You gotta go for the apache tie next. It’s that thing Freddy wears in Scooby Doo. I had some in grammar school that came with a little gold ring kind of like a bolo. If you can pull that off, you will be some kind of disco deity.


Bully for you! :smiley:

Inside joke. :wink:

About a year ago I went to a restauraunt, and was surprised that they required a tie to get in.

I didn’t have one. I was wearing a nice sweater and a turtleneck instead. They wouldn’t let me in.

Sure they offered that stupid “house tie”, but it didn’t work at all with my turtleneck.

After arguing with the fellow at the door for a while, I noticed someone else enter with a bolo tie. “You’re letting him in, even without a tie!” I yelled. But apparantly that was good enough. I was so mad by that time. And my date was terribly embarrassed. But I wasn’t through yet.

I left my date at the door and went back to the car, determined to find something to wrap around my neck. If the Bolo Tie Guy could get away with it, so could I. After searching for a time, all I could come up with was a set of jumper cables.

So that’s what I did. Wrapped the jumper cables around my neck as best I could, and went back to the restauraunt door.

I held my head high. My date considered hiding in the bushes.

“Is this acceptable?” I asked the guy at the door.

He rolled his eyes and said, “OK, fine. Just don’t start anything.”


Jumper cables, huh?

I bet he was too afraid to say no after seeing that.

Can we all assume that you never saw your date again?

If someone where I work wore a bolo tie, you would know it was Halloween. That’s the last one I saw. And since he had the whole squaredancing twins outfit with his girl, I’m guessing he really is a hayseed.