I need to come out-I like bow ties

Of course, I’d prefer no ties at all, but if I have to wear them, I think bow ties are awesome. Ties are really the only way men are truly able to stand apart, and I have had co-workers comment on my unique tie collection.

I have recently added a few bow ties to my collection and must say, now that I know how to tie them, I’ll be getting more.


I fully support this! Bow ties are awesome, I wish more guys wore them.

I am also a bow-tie wearer.

Not to shill for a company, but there’s an excellent vendor of bow ties called Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. They send out a print catalog four times per year and have a web presence as well. I strongly recommend them!

What about string ties? No love for them? Or ascots?

I do have a couple of bolo ties that are in my active rotation. I’ve never tried an ascot or dickie. Maybe I’ll give them a try next.

<The Doctor>

Bow ties are COOL.

</The Doctor>

<Snerk> Sorry. I’ll just shut-up now.

Thanks, Bricker! It’s difficult to find good bow-ties since the Tie Shop (used to be a franchise in Canadian airports) went under (at least, I’ve not seen one in some time).

Just wanted to say when I read your title I misread your handle as “Cummerbund”.

And while I have no problem with bow ties, my wife doesn’t trust anyone who wears one.

I like bow ties too, but if you wear one (outside of their normal contexts) now, people assume you’re copying the new (Matt Smith) Doctor.

If I could get away with wearing my one (expensive! why would an ascot be expensive?) ascot, I’d do it. I only wear it when going to the opera, and stopping for a beer pre/after, bartenders are always like “rocking the ascot.” (Said in a “copy-making man” tone – I groin punch them if they’re not friends. Only way to be sure).

Bow-“ties”? Power to you if you can make it work, lady. Seriously, good for you – you’re a better man than me.

…as are Fez’s and Stetsons!


Jimmy Olsen?

Is that you?

I also wear them,tie them, and love them.

Some day I’ll figure out how the damned things are supposed to work. Then I’ll figure out if it’s for me. Because I can’t get invested into a look I can’t put together on my own…

Can you make them spin?