I wore a suit today.

Sartorial elegance is not one of my strong points. I’d wear jeans every day to work if it were allowed. I mean, I don’t have to impress anyone. So I wear jeans on “Casual Friday” and khaki trousers the rest of the week.

Saturday I was in my closet and I saw my suit hanging there. “I wonder if this fits?” though I. I tried on the jacket, and it did (although it was a little loose). I decided to wear it today, just for kicks. It’s a dark charcoal-grey number. I put on a nice darkish-blue Italian-made shirt and a tie my sister gave me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I looked smashing! (Especially with my new buzz-cut.) I did have to walk over to the mall to buy a new belt because I’ve lost some weight and my belt had run out of holes.

“Do you have a job interview?” “Are you giving a presentation at the meeting?” “Are you going to a wedding/funeral today?” “Did you wear a suit for voting in the election?” “That’s a nice suit!” (“Thanks. My father was buried in it.”)

At the end of the day I finally admitted it. I just wore it to get a reaction. :smiley:

Uh huh… Link? :smiley:

I can relate to that so well. I own one suit, a fine, fine double-breasted grey job that I got for a reception a few years ago. Had a nice black Italian shirt, and a deep red tie (borrowed). I was the shit! Otherwise, khakis, jeans, polo shirts, and t-shirts are my “uniform”. I have had the good fortune of working for firms whose dress code is that relaxed. I haven’t tied a tie in so long, it usually takes me several tries before I get it right. :slight_smile: I own ONE tie of my own … a nice charcoal grey. Funny thing, I actually LIKE to wear my suit. I never thought I’d say that. And, yep, I will, on occasion, drag it out and wear it just for the reaction. It’s great, ain’t it?

Heh. I’m single! Who’d take the photo? I have four pics of me on the web. One was when I was in makeup for a film I worked on (hint: I was hacked to death in the title sequence), one is when I was slating a scene on the same film and the set was in a very hot room in New Orleans in the summer, one is of me with rather shaggy hair and the helicopter I was flying that day, and one is of me in a helicopter I was landing (you can’t tell it’s me). Oh yeah, two more: I’m holding my then-new nephew and biting his head. :smiley:

Alas, no suit pics.

Yup. It’s fun. There is one guy in the office who is always “dressed to a ‘T’”. Ironically, I was better-dressed than he today!

and what may I ask were you wearing under the suit???:wink: Tell me. Inquiring minds wanna know.

Well, a lot of good the suit did me. I was laid off today! (But that’s another MPSIMS thread.)

At first I read that as “I was laid today!” and I thought damn that IS a good suit. Condolences on the loss of the job. :frowning:

So sorry about your job Johnny L.A.. It sounds like it’s a good thing you dusted off that wedding/funeral/interview suit. You may need it. :frowning:

**Johnny L. A. ** Sorry to hear you were laid off. Being laid on would have been much better. (Just think if I were there I could stroke your back, hold you close, let you lay you head on my bosom and if that still didn’t make you feel better I could always bake you a cake for after the lovin’).

Then why would I want to go back to work? :smiley:

Would that be a low-carb cake? :slight_smile:

Speaking of cakes, I made myself birthday cakes the last two years.

This is my first attempt. I didn’t have cake pans, so I used a frying pan. Also, I must’ve missed the part where it said you had to let the cakes cool before putting the frosting on. It tasted good, though!

This is my second attempt (last June). Tasted just as good, but it looked better! (Actually, I think the first cake had more character. :smiley: )

Great first attempt, Johnny. :smiley: Character? So that’s what you call it?

Well, it was baked by a “character”! :smiley: