Ia there really a guy that thinks he's a glass of orange juice?

Is there really a guy that thinks he’s a glass of orange juice? I’ve heard this story a million times from so many different people, I’m beginning to believe it. I was told he was either on his way of making a drug deal with acid, or he bought it, and on his way, the glass it was in broke cutting him and spilling the acid into his blood stream. He’s scared of anyone touching him for fear he might tip over and spill. Do you know of this man or have you heard the stories? Is it just made up so people won’t use acid?
-Lisa KY

P.S.) To Cecil…

         On one of your other questions, about different colored eyes.  You explained they are different colors because the person was hit in the eye or something.  Well, I have a blue left eye and a brown right eye...the right changed when I was about two (my mother told me.)  I was never hit or anything. No one else in my family has ever had two different colored eyes. Can you explain this?:confused:


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Since racinchikki gave such a complete (and economical!) response to your first question, I’ll take a crack at the second. The column of Cecil’s you’re referring to, of course, is Is it possible to have eyes of two different colors? Can your eyes change color?. You said:

Actually, you may have missed Cecil’s answer in that column. He said:

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I heard the same thing in our Drug Education class in high school. According to them, it was an inmate at a (real) local mental hospital. Maybe they should have taught skepticism, instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, after I’d heard the story many times from many different people I became convinced it was an urban legend! If it were all true, there’d have to be an “Orange Juice Man” in every city from Milwaukee to Tampa, which rather strains my belief.

I do wonder why it’s always orange juice in the story, though. Could it be because many people take acid with orange juice?

A glass of acid spilling? You mean acid as in lsd? In a glass? er…

When I first heard it ~35 years ago he was an orange, as opposed to a glass of orange juice.

There used to be … but he got drunk.