Ian Anderson and Cady Coleman play the first ever Earth to Space duo.

In honour of Yuri Gargarin’s first space flight, Ian Anderson and Cady Coleman played a duo version of ‘Bouree’. Video here.

That was sweet - how did they get over the whole delay thing I wonder?

Jesus H, though, what’s happened to Ian’s head? He looks like a Swan Vesta.

(Also, Ron McNair was meant to play sax for Jean-Michel Jarre on Rendez-Vouz from the Challenger, which sadly never happened.)

In zero-G you can play the flute standing on no legs!

My guess is that Ian wasn’t hearing Cady. He was just playing to the backing track, and the backing track plus his part was beamed to the shuttle, where Cady added her part, and that’s what we heard.

There was no temporal overlap at all in when they played their parts.Link

Well that’s rubbish.