OkGo in Zero-G

There’s a thread in GQ arguing if it’s real or not.

This thread is about enjoying the band’s latest over-the-top video.

Upside Down And Inside Out.

Behind the scenes

Sponsored by S7, a Russian airline, the video was filmed in a "vomit comet, an airliner modified to fly a series of parabolic arcs to produce short periods of zero gravity.

Yeah, I caught it yesterday. Wonderful video - I will check out the GQ thread but have no reason to think they didn’t really do this.

Their videos are truly amazing. Their songs are solid, which is enough for the videos to really work.

Good for them - they sure as heck have found their niche!

I had no idea anyone would not believe them. They are famous for these kinds of videos.

I still like the Rube Goldberg one the best, though.

I like that song and the Rube Goldberg video but I like the version where they are outside a little better:

These guys are incredible.

That’s my favorite too. I love that it’s a “live” performance of the music.

Just noticed on the most recent viewing that right before the paint filled balloons came out, the two flight attendants got the hell out of there. :smiley:

Great band, great videos. I love I Won’t Let You Down:


Saw this last night and immediately rewatched it with the family…completely cool, and I can’t wait for the making-of video.

ETA: oops, didn’t see the additional link in the OP.

I loved it and don’t doubt it was really done in zero G; but it did look like the video had been speeded up. Like when they recorded it, everything was done in slower motion and then it was synced to the actual song tempo. I think that’s what made it look artificial enough for some people to question it. (I guess the ‘making of’ clip probably addresses that).

It does. I think it said 21 seconds stretched to 27.

This is going to be very hard to duplicate in high school talent shows.

What, you mean raising the 4 million?


No, getting the whole audience of high schoolers onto the plane. :smiley:

Every time they make a video, the question is asked; “How the hell will they top this?”

So I ask; how the hell will they top this?

Sponsorship by SpaceX?

They are a fairly good show live, although significantly more limited in what they can do with choreography.

Obviously shooting a video on the moon. How would anyone POSSIBLY think that was faked?

I hate their music but they do make cool videos.

How can we tell it’s THEM inside the space suits?

Their signature choreography in front of a Rube Goldberg machine, of course. But on the moon.