I'b sig OR phouka's tonsils join the Dark Side

I’m warning you . . . if you’re grossed out easily, do NOT read this. However, if you liked the pimple thread, this is the place for you.

Last Wednesday, my right tonsil popped like a zit. A big chunk of something that looked like overcooked egg noodle came right out when I poked it with my finger (hey, it felt good). More stuff came out Thursday night. All in all, it was satisfying. I could open my estachian tube again. Swallowing was easier, and my throat hurt less.

On the right side.

On the left side of my throat, I’m looking at a case of cystic throat acne with tinges of Black Death. It’s gruesome. It pulses. It glows. I want soooooooo badly to get back there with a needle and see if I can’t clear it out, but I can’t manage to touch anything on that side without getting an instantaneous gag reflex.

To top it off, since then my sinuses and my lungs have gathered up some sort of cruddy infection, and I KNOW it’s my tonsil’s fault. I’m hacking up green stuff, and my tonsil is giggling away maniacally, secure in the knowledge that it can take me out whenever it likes to.

Everyone older than me nods knowingly when I mention this and says “oh, yeah, I got my tonsils out when I was five”. Yeah, well, by the time I was a kid, they weren’t yanking them that often any more, so now I may have to get them removed as an adult, and that is A Very Big Deal. So much so that my mom has already volunteered to take time off to nurse me back to health.

In the meantime, my voice is on its way out, my left ear is this close to an otitis media, I’m running a low grade fever, and my eighth graders are most likely going to spend the day mocking me.

Die, tonsils. Die.

Eew…eew eew eew.
Well, while I hope you get better soon, I heartily shoot down the ‘getting a needle in there’ theory as A.) it will gross me out even more, and I may lose my breakfast, and B.) it just doesn’t sound like a Very Good Idea.

Honestly, though, I hope you get better soon. How bad is it to have your tonsils taken out as an adult? Is it a pain thing or a complications kind of thing? (Although I can’t picture it being that difficult of an operation.)

Apparently, it’s a much bigger deal to have your tonsils out as an adult than as a kid. Both pain and complications and such.

Hey, dopers, can I get some more sympathy here?

phouk, my friend – you are gross! Pathetic, and deeply in need of sympathy, but still gross! I’ve read two threads today – yours and Cranky’s and I’m having a hard time keeping my lunch down. I wonder if I dare open another?

That said, I hope you are planning on seeing your physician ASAP. At the very least you need to get some antibiotics on the job before your little germy friends overwhelm you. In the meantime get some rest and STOP BEING GROSS!!


Had my tonsils out when I was… 7 or 8, so somethings won’t be the same but take this from me:


I found this out the hard way. :eek:

(Does it say something that I’m not grossed out at all?)

But, you do have my sympathy: tonsil problems are not fun!

<< There isn’t a point to this. >>


I saw my doc yesterday.

She was completely unimpressed by the state of my left tonsil (my right tonsil is singing happily since the gunk came out). She says that it’s not an evil tonsil until it’s the size of a golf ball and oozing puss. I feel so underachieving.

So, no antibiotics for me, and I’m still sick. As soon as I can get a sub, I’m going home.

(No, orange juice is a bad idea after a tonsilectomy, but right now, Coke is just acidic enough to cut through the gunk at the back of my throat, and it feels soooooo very good.)