Ice 9 becomes a reality

I guess we are all doomed now. :frowning:

So it goes … .

Busy, busy, busy.


So all you have to do is convince a general that with a few million bucks you’ll figure out how to coat a marshy battlefield with barium fluoride crystals (complete with surface defects) and you’re good to go.

The only thing true in that stroy are the lies.

Sure, they say that these Spanish scientists are doing the work, but it’s really a front for the resurgent Canadian Empire and its feared but oh-so-polite Snow Troopers.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Fortunately, they’re only talking about molecule-thick layers on the surface of a condensation-catalyst, not bulk ice.

Frank Dickson

Aren’t prions like Ice 9? They’re ordinary proteins, but folded differently, and any animal that comes across one will start having some of their own proteins refold themselves to match them. There’s no curing it, and they may be able to last outside the body for years, unlike most other infectious agents. Worse still, they have their major effect on the brain.

I can see that room temperature ice cubes might become very popular in Europe. :slight_smile:

Maybe this team of researchers could finally get us some cold fusion, too.

Anybody up for some boko-maru?

Well, now it is only a matter of time until Las Vegas builds a 30 story igloo hotel/casino. No credit cards allowed - only cold cash.

Just in time for the mayan apocalypse of 2012

Have they done anything at all about mud?