ICE almost deported an American citizen to Jamaica

ICE tried to deport an American citizen. Apparently a case of mistaken identity, but still. This is the sort of thing that makes me really mad.

Spoiler alert! The guy was NOT WHITE!

Sorry I ruined the suspense for everyone.

Damn you!

ICE should just deport a few American citizens back to Iceland or Germany to prove they aren’t racist. Then once they get us off their backs they can go back to deporting black and brown people.

I’m willing to live outside the law in the US for a while if ICE will deport me to Switzerland. ICE can pretend their mandate isn’t based on racism, I get to live in Switzerland, everybody wins.

Don’t give them any more brilliant ideas, please. They come up with enough bullshit on their own.

The ACLU is suing everyone involved, on his behalf. Good!

When *The Price Is Right *does this, they call it The Showcase.

(bolding mine)

Well of course they did; duh. They’re lazy and/or evil, not stupid.

FWIW, the LA Times found that claims of improper detention of US citizens, and findings either by ICE or a court that a detainee was in fact an American citizen, have been dropping since 2013 and reached their lowest point in several years in 2017. At least it seems like the trend is moving in the right direction.

It’s like Johnny Dangerously. How did they pick Jamaica (mon)? Out of any country they could have picked?

The senior officers involved have, of course, tendered their resignations, right?