Ice-Bucket Challenge Questions

I don’t want this to turn into another “What does the challenge acomplish?” thread. It is clear that this has raised money and awareness. If you want to look like a fool and debate that, run to the other thread… I tried to make it through this without being challenged, but as of an hour ago, I was. Being the type of person who does not like to do anyting half-assed, I am looking for ideas on how to do a memorable video.

The rules are this: Has to be legal and not result in any significant injury. I am able to withstand any level of discomfort for some time, but again, I do not want to be injured. I own an above ground pool and have a large bathtub, but the weather is too warm to use the pool in any way. I was immediately thinking of some combination of ice/salt/water to drop the temperature level below normal ice water temperatures.

So, fellow dopers, what are your ideas/thoughts on memorable and creative ice bucket challenges.

You holding a cat while being doused with a bucket of ice water.

It includes the ahhh, kitty factor, and the danger of you being clawed as the demon beast attempts to get out of your arms.

Are you going to challenge three other people to do the same thing? If not, you’re just making a “hey, look at me” video. What’s the point?

Oh, awareness. Go ahead then. The cat one sounds great. Bonus if it is a stray cat.

And you have to hold onto the cat for like, say, 30 seconds, otherwise you donate the larger amount.

Are you going to attempt to read and comprehend my op? If not, you are just making a “hey, look at me” post. What’s the point of you post?

I may challenge 3 or 300 others. I may donate even though I accecpted the challenge. I think the point of any video is “hey, look at me”. You may need to seriously re-think the whole moving pictures thing if you don’t understand that.

I like the cat idea, I have two cats so I might hold one in each hand. BTW, I will post the link to the winning idea video.

I admit I was a bit over snarky, that’s why I came back and actually answered your OP. You read my second post? That was serious. I think the cat idea is great, actually.

I read your OP. The point of my post was, if you want to help, you can always just donate. But you, you want to be distinctive. Get those eyeballs on your facebook/youtube/whatever vid. Just giving money isn’t good enough-you want to be seen doing good. It’s ego.

I guess I’m just too old for this. But even if I were 20 again, though, I don’t think I’d make a video.

One of the ice bucket challenge co-founders died last week.

He drowned. No ice involved.

Not a joke. True story.

I did my ice bucket challenge today - I found a tiny bucket the size of an egg cup and placed it in the foreground so that when the video starts, it sort of looks full size, but then it is revealed that I only tipped two ice cubes on myself. The donation is the only bit that really matters.

I had considered:
Tipping a whole iceberg (lettuce, chopped) over myself
Making a bucket out of ice (by freezing water in the gap between two different sized containers) and upending this - empty - over my head

I had already resolved that I am not going to tip a bucket of ice water over myself just because some idiot on the internet told me to. I am not a moron.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about the ice bucket challenge, but would like to know, where’s the ice? All I see is buckets of water, maybe cold, maybe not?

Use a lot of ice, a lot of water, and wear something nice. I’ve seen too many lame ones where they wear shorts and a t-shirt then dump a bowl of water with a couple of ice cubes on their head.
I made sure to wear a shirt and tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Used a 5 gallon pail and a 20# bag of ice.
I would love to see a female do it in their old wedding dress.
Also have a friend hold a posterboard that says WWW.ALSA.ORG/DONATE standing off to the side that the camerman can pan to when your done.

My requirements are simple.

  1. You have to know me & admit to knowing me publicly.
    (no take-backs)

  2. You have to make the challenge after your challenge, and you have to challenge me by my full name.

  3. Somehow, I have to see the youtube of it (how would I know otherwise?).

Yes, I’m a pain… but money is tight for me.
Thats not a no. Thats an explanation. :wink:

That is a horrible idea. Dumping cold water over two unsuspecting dumb beasts who will be frightened and profoundly uncomfortable isn’t going to make the impression you’re wanting. Unless, of course, the impression you’re wanting is “Look at that ^%%$$#, would you believe how he treats those poor kitties?”

My WAG: they started with warm water (in the hope that the ice cubes would survive long enough to be seen, and the water being poured over them would not be ice cold).

Exactly. How did you realize JAQ was posting for attention, but not realize his stuff about the cat was not a good idea? He thinks the whole thing is stupid and has contempt for you for even attempting it. At best, he was making a joke about how stupid it is by adding something worse to it. At worst, he was hoping you’d do it so he could point and laugh.

If you’re that sore at the OP, take it to the Pit, but take this out of this thread.

Here’s what happened when someone did the ice bucket challenge with a puppy.

Probably not any smarter to do it with a cat.

Horses are also a bad idea, but for different reasons.