Ice Ice baby

Yep, Vanilla ice will be visiting Cleveland to play this june 12th. I’m a goin.
Weird, though, it says 21 and over only.
Maybe his musice is too “mature” for youngsters…:wink:

Last time he was in Seattle it was 21 and up… because it was at a club!

Not that odd really. Alot of acts play clubs and bars that have age limits.

In case you don’t know yet, I’ll be the one to warn you: He’s rap metal now. Definitely not the same smooth operator you remember from the robbed-at-Oscar-time film Cool as Ice.

robbed-at-Oscar-time !


As long as he sing Ice Ice baby, which is my favorite song.

Would it be weird of me to reveal that when I was in high school, some friends and I went to a sound studio place, and recorded ourselves singing Ice Ice Baby?

What? Why are you laughing?

This is all so, so wrong. :eek:

My friends and I used to walk down the street and sing Ice Ice Baby. Sometimes we’d make up words and sing Lice Lice Baby.

Ahh, Vanilla Ice. My parents refused to let me get his tape, because there were “swear words on it.” Yeah, I went to a public school, we had free cable, and my dad can be quite expressive in his word choices. I never heard those words before :rolleyes:

Funny thing–one of the first mp3’s I ever got off Napster was “Ice, Ice Baby.” So, I guess I showed you, Dad! :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve seen the Vanilla Ice Behind the Music a couple times.

Guilty pleasures, I say.

'nilla ice… the man, the myth. If he would go on tour with Color me bad I would be sooooo excited! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanilla, for the record you now officially scare me :slight_smile:

Oh my GOD I just figured out who vanilla really is. He’s my old RA from college! :eek: God I remember him, he had all his VI stuff hanging in his room. Oh the horror, the horror.

actually I thought about going, but 20 bucks to too damn much. It would be an intersting experience any way.

Quick to the point to the point no fakin’, cookin’ MCs like a pound of bacon!

(Yes, I do know all the words to Ice Ice Baby. It was high school. What was else did I have to do with my time? It’s not like the local radio station was playing Bach or edgy indie acts instead of Vanilla Ice every hour on the hour.)

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Ice himself, I do know several of the people in the “Ice Ice Baby” video from high school. I used to see Ice’s “5.0” Mustang sitting out in front of their houses.

Yes, this would indeed be my “Claim to Shame”. :o


All right stop
Collaborate and listen
Nah, I won’t continue.

He will, but it won’t be the version you remember. It’ll be the new rap-metal version. The words are the same, but the song totally sucks. I’ve heard said version.

I’d say save your money.

OK, I just have to know … would it be available on-line anywhere? I have to hear it, if only for S&G’s. :smiley:


My high school boyfriend’s best friend was Robbie Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice), he could always be found trying to get attention at parties by dancing (this was 1987 Plano, Texas). Funny coincidence…my best friend, who grew up in Romeo, Michigan was friends with Kid Rock (can’t remember his given name), and he was the one that was all about getting the attention at the parties when she was in high school.

Even creepier…my best friend’s ex-husband (musician) is now good friends with Kid Rock and Pammy-Po and the Ex never knew Kid Rock from my best friend’s school days.

Just a bit of fun to add to the thread. :slight_smile:

Yes. I’ve heard it. It sounds like Lymp Biskitiits (or how ever those guys spell their name)

As for Ice, Ice Baby, I STILL to this day order Fried Rice with a “do-do-do-dudu-do-do” before I say “Fried Rice Baby”

You know, I thought I’d gotten over my desire to club that soulpatch sporting weasel like a baby seal for defiling the collaboration between Queen and David Bowie (both of whom had more talent in their public hair than Ice could ever dream of tapping into).

Guess what, I was wrong. The thought of that BVD skidmark still performing has me wanting to grab a tire iron.

NOTE: Thoughts of actual violence greatly over-exaggerated for rhetorical effect.

I remember going to a Vanilla Ice concert when I was 13…


I’ve never been the same since

Queen and Bowie did have some talented public hair, all right.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered, and I know someone (vanilla) here can tell me – what does “word to your mother” mean, anyway?