To the extreme, I rock the mic like a vandal, light up the stage, and wax a chump....

Like a candle . . .

I sure do miss Vanilla. That song came out when I was in sixth grade. You weren’t cool unless you knew all the words. I still do . . .



. . . is that anything like waxing wroth?

That was the first album (Okay, it was a cassette.) that I bought with my own money. Good times, good times…

Whattaya mean miss him?? The man is in the studio in Dallas right now, gearing up for his big show at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Center on the 22nd!

Check out his website:

Yo, VIP, Let’s kick it!

Waxing wroth? To me, that makes less sense than waxing a chump.

I don’t know how one would “wax a chump,” I think it’s some reference to being a better dj than someone else. I get this due to the wax reference, and the other dj is the “chump.”

Or maybe it means “smoking weed.” One of the two. You never know.

It does me no good, here in Omaha, NE, for Vanilla to have a concert in Hong Kong . . .

I’m about to bum rush the speakers that boom . . .

It’s a reference to his ability to make all other MC’s in the house look like chumps when compared to his mic-rocking prowess. They can get quite competitive, you know.

Secretary: “The Dean is furious. He’s waxing wroth.”
Groucho: “Is Roth out there, too? Tell Roth to wax the Dean for a while.”

And what Mic is he rocking? Rooney? Roarke? Mouse? Finn?

Well, and I don’t know why I know this, but VI is doing heavy metal right now. I almost, hey I said almost, went to see him, but I just couldn’t justify the 20 bucks.

I’m afraid to say that I DID go and see Vanilla’s new metal/hardcore act a few years ago. The tickets were free, but I still felt dirty.

They took away my “Do the NINJA RAP” sign at the door.

Yo, man. Let’s get out of here.

Word to your mother.


Rolling, in my 5.0
With the rag top down, so my hair can blow…
I remember thinking at the time, ain’t no way his hair’s blowing in the wind with the amount of gel on there…

If there was a problem, yo I solved it.
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it…
I cannot believe how much of that “song” I remember. I’m afraid of myself sometimes.

must…not…post…Vanilla…Ice…lyr…Deadly when I play a dope melody,
Anything less than the best is a felo…ARRRRGHHHHH!!! NURSE!! I need my medicine!!!

Under Pressure

Well, I remember every word of Ice Ice Maybe, a parody of it I wrote in 1991 that consisted of inside jokes about people on my high school newspaper.

But I suppose that there are only about 30 people in the world who would find that interesting. Scratch that, most of them have lives now… it’s probably just me :slight_smile:

I’ve toured around the world
From London to the Bay
It’s Hammer, go Hammer, M.C.Hammer, Yo Hammer
And the rest can go and play
Can’t touch this

word. take that Vanilla Ice! :wink:

I remember when Vanilla Ice was on SNL. The “Weekend Update” intro music was “Under Pressure,” and the first words out of Dennis Miller’s mouth were “God, I love Bowie.”


Ice Ice Baby - too cold - too cold - VANILLA!