ICE your cellphone in an emergency...

Actually that title should read ICE your cellphone before an emergency, but it read better the other way.

I was just cruising Truth or Fiction . Com and came across this entry

I thought it was a rather good idea and figured I’d pass it on to my fellow Dopers.

I wound up listing my home phone as ICE1 (because if Mrs Stone should be the first one they call if something happens to me… assuming she’s not already with me) and my mothers phone as ICE2.

I’d ask who you’d list as your ICE contacts… but then the Mods would have to move this to IMHO… so I’m not going to ask…

I got asked about this this morning. Funny how I’m now the offical office debunker. “I got this email? Is it true?” Nine times out of ten it’s pure glurge but this sounds like a pretty good idea.

snopes link -

(My ICE contacts are DeHusband’s office, home, and my mom.)

I saw one of the TV news interviews soon after the London bombs, where ambulance staff suggested this idea. So it most certainly is true. (They described their frustration at having a mobile phone, but from the list of names available not knowing who would be an appropriate person to contact.)

And, despite my inherent cynicism of almost anything, I can’t think of a downside to this idea. There’s bound to be one, though…(there goes the cynicism :wink: )

Why not just have an entry called EMERGENCY?

Because they’re going to look under I not E, Johnny.

Do try and keep up! :wink:

As I mentioned to someone else who suggested this to me, my luck I would screw it up and the paramedics would somehow get Ice-T on the line screaming, “Who da fool tryin’ to call me?”

I just put my mom’s home number in my cell address book. She’s home most of the time, and forwards her home phone to her cell when she goes out.

Even though the information may well be useless if I need it, at least it’s in there.


I see that I wasn’t the first to start [thread=325529]talking about ICE[/thread]

(I’m not sure if it was the temporary banning, or being in the wrong forum that caused me to miss it at the time… or just my obliviousness.)

To prevent duplication, would the Mods please close this thread?


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