Icke libels Bush

as some of you know, I’ve read a few David icke books lately.
David believes some weird things,but in morethan one book, he claims that George Bush senior is an actual child molester and murderer.
Isn’t this libel?
If I were Bush, I would want to press charges, but then again, that would give more publicity.
Your opinions?

It’s David Icke.

The lizard guy. I doubt Bush is worried about anyone taking him seriously. It’s not worth the court filing costs.

It’s extremely hard for a public figure like Bush to prove libel in the US. There’s a good chance he’d lose, which would only make Bush look silly. No one is really taking the charges seriously, so it’s a better move to ignore them and let people conclude Icke is a moron.

Does anyone take David Icke seriously?

Here’s a bit of backstory on David Icke; David Icke was a goalkeeper for the English football clubs Conventry City (then a top divison side) and Hereford United, he wasn’t particluraly successful as a goalkeepr and moved into sports journalism at the BBC, appearing on it’s flagship sports program Grandstand. Later he got involved with enviroumental poltics and became the spokesman for the British Green Party. In 1991 in what is generally agreed to be one of th most bizarre moments in British televison history he appeared on BBC 1’s chatshow ‘Wogan’ and revealed to stunned viewers that he was infact the son of God.

Since that time he has made a living as a conspiracy theorist (if there’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds you can be sure that David Icke is either responsible for it or fully believes in it) and a general lunactic, though he no longer claims to be the son of God he does believe that the wolrd is ruled by shape-shifting lizards and that turquoise is the dominant colour of the universe.

This is the same guy who believe the Queen of England is an lizard-like alien. I don’t think Bush is going to care about this nutjob.

This is a cut-n-paste of my response to another Icke thread a bit ago (since I can’t be bothered typing it all out again)
Let’s see if it will kill this thead stone dead too…
Hee Hee Hee,
Long ago and far away, I used to work with David Icke.
Well, a couple of times, and “work with” is putting it a bit high, I was in the studio while he did his sports reporter bit. He’d been a goalkeeper, got injured (IIRC) and took up reporting (He still seems to sport the same mullet he had then judging by the pix on Aro’s link.)
He always seemed a tad odd, but no odder than many others in the biz, so it came as a bit of a shock to hear that he had declared himself to be the Messiah! (And a Messiah in a purple shell-suit, to boot)
His predictions for the coming “End of World” scenario he had been sent to warn us of was impressively detailed, - It stuck in my mind that the first sign would be the disappearance of New Zealand on a particular date, which came and went.
Now I’ve been in many Irish bars, in many different countries and the Kiwis behind the bar must be coming from somewhere
Anyway, after the world resolutely refused to stop spinning at its duly appointed hour, he disappeared for quite a time.
Then, Bugger me! He turns up in America peddling some conspiracy thang, just as detailed as his messiah schtick, with lizards and pyramids and Masons out the Wazoo.
Only this time he’s careful not to mention any exact dates
It seems to be his most lucrative career change yet. (Though I think some Jewish groups, seeing coded anti-Semitism in some of his ideas are trying to stop his tours and even sue him).
Oh, and he likes purple. - A lot

Not to mention his sense of web design absolutely sucks ass.