Icon to ID threads you have posted to?

Any way to add an icon that identifies the threads you have posted to? I have seen it on some boards and I find it it useful.

There’s an icon for threads you’re subscribed to – I believe you can set that up to happen automatically. You do get to choose whether you get email notifications of additional posts in threads you’re subscribed to or not.

No, he means Vbulletin Options / Forum Display Options / Highlight Threads in Which User Has Posted = Yes

[ When this feature is enabled, a logged in user will see an ‘arrow’ (or whatever graphic you choose) on the folder icons (hot folders, new folders, etc.) next to the threads that they have posted in. ]
Perhaps this has been turned to No to save queries, but I must admit I find it really annoying some forums don’t have this vital feature.

I do prefer it when forums do that.

For the record, yes this was exactly what I had in mind.

?? But there’s already a check mark in the threads I’m subscribed to over by the “last post” column.

Not everyone wants to deliberately automatically subscribe to a thread, nor even elect to do so by individual choice of a thread.

Why not? What’s the downside? As long as you’re not getting email notations, wouldn’t do exactly what you want from an “icon to ID threads you have posted in” (with the option that you could also choose, if you wanted to, to include specific threads you hadn’t posted in or exclude specific threads you had posted in)?

Well, that’s your only option if you want a notification of threads you’ve posted in here. I promise you if you set it to subscribe without email notifications it will provide exactly the service you want.

The icon option merely offers a quick identifier of threads which you have posted in, which is useful if New Posts shows 300 threads.
Subscribing forever* to a set of threads hanging around in your CP simply because you posted in them is both cluttersome and can only appeal to the more manic obsessive collector. After a few years it would be possible to have a few thousand threads forgotten by everyone which you will never look at again.

  • Until you indivdually remove them.

Technically yes but practically speaking, they only show up if they’ve been posted too in the last few hours.

If you subscribe to any thread you post to (I do without any notifications) and click “user CP” you can see all the threads you’ve posted to, regardless if they’ve had new posts (by clicking “show all subscribed threads”). This is in addition to seeing the icon next to the threads themselves.

We tried this, actually, not too long ago.

The board slowed down to glacial speeds, and sometimes it just plain stopped and wouldn’t start again. We’d LIKE to offer this feature, but our hardware just couldn’t handle it back then, and I don’t know if our hardware has been upgraded since.

So yes, we could implement this feature, but then the board would become unusable.

Yes, I’m aware of that. But if you simply click on User CP you won’t see every single thread you’ve subscribed to. If that number frightens you, you can simply not click on show all subscribed threads and enjoy the icon notifying you that you’ve posted in the thread.

This is the post I was replying to, offering a solution to th eproblem of only seeing recently posted to posts.

I really don’t understand your reply. Frightens me? What do you mean?

It’s not a problem. Claverhouse suggested that only people with OCD would be interested in thread subscriptions. I was pointing out that while the board does keep track of every thread you’ve subscribed to, (Technically, yes) it only automatically shows the ones that have been posted to recently (but practically speaking, they only show up yadda yadda yadda) The second half is meant for the people who are not satisfied with the current options. If that group does not include you, please, ignore it.

Missed that post. And color me a satisfied thread-subscriber.

Yes, thread subscription minus email notification is quite beautiful. And I for one am proud of every last one of my 1042 subscribed threads.