ICQ- Last Left Standing

So who will it be? I have used ICQ since 1998 and as it is fading, I will steadfastly keep it active. For no real reason- I will croak with Ut Oh ringing in my ars.

Sheesh- ‘ringing in my EARS’

I still use ICQ.

Well actually, I use Trillian because it connects me to the four most popular IM systems.

I still use it. Since… '96? Maybe early '97.

I still use it. Far nicer than other systems, IMHO

I’ve never used an IM except ICQ.

I think we are loyal to what we first used generaly.

I like Yahoo, I tried ICQ and it annoyed the tits off me, likewise MSN. So I stick with what I know.

It was the first messenger I used, and that went on for about 4 years. Then I downloaded a latest version onto my desktop, hit installl, and it formatted my hard drive. Their “support” was mainly derision and sarcasm. That was the end of my association with ICQ.

Now I use MSN Messenger. However, there are only two people on my list, and I am not in the directory.

I always liked ICQ best, but most of my friends have opted for Yahoo, so ICQ has fallen by the wayside. I still treasure my low 6 digit UIN (196415 if you’re curious), though. That’s the pinnacle of dorkiness right there. :smiley:

I was an early fan of ICQ too, but without any friends that use it anymore it’s kind of pointless. My number (101192) I havent used it in years, and it’s not even installed on my latest box.

I use it rarely, with only a couple of my friends. Mainly for the log (story stuff) I dislike Trillian’s log in general but commonly use that for the AIM which is what nearly all of my friends have. My number isn’t that low but it’s not that new either. I’ve been using it around 4 years.

Been using ICQ since '99 but most of the people I knew on it have moved on and gotten lives :rolleyes:

I use ICQ at work to talk to my husband and a friend in Minnesota who also spends all day in front of a computer. I’ll use it until they both stop speaking to me. :smiley:

I use trillian, but my ICQ account is active on it. I’d been using trillian at work for a couple of years, but was reluctant in removing ICQ from my home PC. It had sentimental value, since it was what my husband and I chatted on frequently when I was still living in PA.

I sniffled a little the day I finally uninstalled it and installed trillian. But, I love the convenience of all the accounts on one program.

I met my husband on ICQ. I love that ut oh! Don’t use it now, but I’m pretty sure he still does. I met Glenn in 1999, but I was a user for at least a year before that, maybe more. How do people remember these things?

I started on ICQ, moved to AOL and now am resting on MSN. MSN is simple and lots of my friends use it so it is currently the best choice for me.

I used ICQ first, because that’s what my family used. But, then my friends all got AOL, so ICQ went by the wayside.

I loathe ICQ… the only reason I turn it on is to talk to Sunspace.

All I get is illeterate Turks and Egyptians looking for American brides or bots wanting me to sign up to porn sites…

bad, bad, bad, IM system…

I first downloaded ICQ back in '98 or so. I ditched the program 3-4 years ago in favor of Trillian, as the long arm of AOL had corrupted ICQ with advertisements.

Back in the day, I preferred ICQ to MSN as it allowed for greater options regarding text - namely italics… I like to selectively emphasize things occasionally, and MSN doesn’t allow that.

Now, I primarily use an AIM account (once again through Trillian), but I will keep my ICQ account for as long as I can have a cross-network program (such as Trillian).

Sorry to hear about your ars, btw :smiley:

I have used it since '98 and I like it but probably only because it has fond memories for me. I don’t like that every successive release has become more and more bloated, and I’m tempted to go to oldversion dot com to get one of the original releases. Still, I useLinux more than XP now, and so I use Gaim, which is kinda like Trillian.