I'd be pissed too..

Why would someone do this to a poor cat. No it’s not really hurtful. But by the look on the cats face, revenge is going to be sweet. It was sent to me in an email


That looks pretty obviously photoshopped, if you ask me. The head’s way too big for the body.

C’mon! That is so a Photoshop!

I got that in an email too - there is a story:

And…I don’t think it’s Photoshopped. If you have ever given a fluffy cat a bath, you can see how small cats bodies really are. When they’re wet, they seem a lot smaller.

I don’t think it’s photoshopped either. A friend of mine had a really fluffy cat and it needed to be partially shaved once for medical reasons. It looked… pretty much like that.

I don’t think it’s ben edited either. The shadow of the head behind it lines up perfectly.

I should print that out and use it to threaten Misty whenever she whines when we comb her.

No it’s not photoshopped.

pic 2

Many years ago when I was in high school I worked in a dog grooming kennel. I handled every kind of a dog from micro Poodles (psychotic little beasts) to Great Danes, and just about everything in between. I liked dogs, and even the ones that were difficult for others to handle were not a problem for me to deal with.
One morning, while my boss was out running some errands, a lady called in and wanted her cat to have a bath and a flea dip. Now, thinking that if I can handle large dogs a cat should be no problem, I told her to bring the animal in and drop it off. Shortly this rather um…portly woman showed up with a long haired cat that looks exactly like that cat in the movie Cats and Dogs. She hands the animal to me, and fills out the card with the cat’s name, owners name and phone number, etc. etc. Since I had already bathed all the dogs scheduled for the day I was able to start on the cat as soon as the customer left. Now, as I said, this is when I was in high school, and therefore much dumber than I am today, which is probably why I missed several clues as to what was about to happen.
In this shop the animal bathing tub was elevated, so that as I stood at it, it the top of the tub was about chest high. I put the cat in the tub, and she immediately moved to the far end of the tub, away from the water tap. I turned on the tap, and spent a moment adjusting the temperature so that it was not to cold, nor to hot. At this point the cat arched it’s back somewhat. THis was the first overlooked clue.
When the water temperature was right, I pulled the nob that caused the water to come out of the long flexible hose/sprayer. The cat arched her back even more, and hissed slightly. Overlooked clue number two.
Holding the sprayer in my left hand, I reached with my right hand and caught the cat and kind of pushed her down the tub as I pulled the sprayer trigger with my left hand, and eventually the water hit the cat.
You have perhaps seen the old cartoons featuring the Tasmanian Devil? The wildly rotating blur or clawed arms and legs, and teeth? As soon as that water hit that cat, that is what I had in the tub in front of me, the Tasmanian Devil, nothing but claws and teeth, and more claws…and it had some how managed to attach itself to my right hand and began to claw, bite, and climb it’s way up my right arm. I didn’t know anything could move that fast. or hurt that much.
Ever try to peel a really angry feline off your arm? Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. Did I mention that this animal had almost pure white fur? Got any idea how brightly red blood stains show up on wet white fur?
About this time my boss walks in and sees me frantically trying to peel this ball of teeth and claws off my arm, see’s the blood, and mistakenly assumes I’ve somehow injured this cat. "DId you CUT that animal ? " she yells. "No Ma’am, that’s MY blood! " was my rather brilliant reply. “Well rinse it off in a hurry, before it stains!” she screams. " It took both of us to get that demonic feline under control, rinsed off, and stuck in a drying cage. I worked at that job for another two years, but I never again washed a cat, and twenty years later I still haven’t.
I feel really sorry for the groomer that did this to the cat in these pictures. I wonder how many stitches it took to close the groomers wounds.

Here is a post by a friend of mine to my journal entry about these pictures. It shows her cat in much the same way:

We have a long-haired kitty who is not too keen on self-grooming and definitely not at ALL keen on anyone else grooming her. So once or twice a year, we get her mats shaved out. She doesn’t quite end up as weird looking as the photo shown above, but with all the fur on her head and her skinny bod, we refer to her as the “cat head on a stick” until her fur grows back.

I’ve seen a couple cats with a “lion” cut. I just don’t know why…

And boy, does that cat ever look pissed. Someone’s going to be buying new bedding.

Let me see if I understand this correctly; there are people who have this done on purpose, and it has a name?

That’s probably the funniest cat picture I’ve ever seen.

That photo has also been discussed at Snopes.

I’m from Oklahoma and I can’t recall anybody pronouncing the word line like the word lion.

Is there really such a thing as a line cut.

They sedate the cats most of the time. That’s what I found out when I called to see about getting my cat shaved to remove the mats.

Well, a lion cut is a pretty standard cut for dogs. My parents get it done for their Pomeranian. If they just go for a full shave, he ends up looking like a 30 lb chihuahua.

My wife has a long haired cat that get a haircut every spring. A few hours before he is taken to the vet, he is given a kitty qualude to calm him down. He hates all humans for a couple of weeks after his yearly trim.