ID help: pirates, and cheese = "heaven" ?

Vague description, but maybe one of you will know what the hell I’m after. It was a movie, or maybe a made-for-TV miniseries, and I really want to say that Elijah Wood was in it, playing the character of someone stranded alone on an island.

The other main character - who wore a lot of eyeliner but definitely was not Jonny Depp - looks like Eddie Izzard in my recollection.

The only key detail I remember is that the stranded young man had tasted cheese once in his life before, and equated it in a very literal sense with heaven.

Cheese. Heaven. Pirates. Have I lost my marbles or was this something I actually watched.

Meant to clarify that the possibly-Eddie-Izzard character was a pirate. I think he either rescued the other guy, or deliberately stranded him in the 1st place.

“Many’s the long night I’ve dreamt of cheese…toasted, mainly.” — Ben Gunn, the marooned pirate in Treasure Island

Treasure Island starring Eddie Izzard and Elijah Wood, perhaps?

And Elijah Wood plays Ben Gunn in that, with Izzard as Long John Silver. BOOM.

21 minutes. Not too shabby.

I so hope he comes back and says “No, that’s not it”

It was Citizen Kane

It’s Lupus

It’s never Lupus.

“Rio”, by Duran Duran.

My vote goes to Treasure Island. I remember Mr Gunn and his cheese from the parody of it in an old Dennis the Menace comic: “Mmmmmph! No mustard!” :mad: