I'd like a double half caff mocha low fat double creamy cappa latte Please! Poll

Morning caffeine of choice is tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

I also add half & half and honey.

I’m convinced that Captain Picard also does the same thing, but sotto voce, because it would undermine his respect if the crew walked in on him while authoritatively announcing to the replicator “Tea! Earl Grey! Hot! Chilled Half & Half! Clover Honey warmed under a faucet so it’s not too globby!”

I go with the free stuff provided by the office. Alas, I’ve been sold to another company, so I’ll have to figure out what to do now. The new outfit doesn’t provide coffee, so no joy there. I’ll probably go with tea from now on.

Same deal here. There’s a small coffeeshop next to the shop I work for, so I go there regularly. The entire staff and owner know my name, I know all of theirs, I tip them well and they let me get away with saying things like “I want that one there, but with raspberry in it. Nikki made it for me once and it was so good. Oh, I want the great big one. Whose art is that on the walls?”

I have a Mr. Coffee pot here at work that I used to use, but drinking a whole pot by myself was getting old. We had a Krups 4 shot espresso/capuccino machine here, but the guy who owned it quit, so I got one for the house. It’s a steam driven machine, so it’s not on par with the French presses, but with some decent coffee it’s a sight better than the pot stuff. And the little 4 shot pot is just enough for a travel mug full, so now I just drink one cup a day of much stronger coffee. I fire it up just a few minutes before I leave in the morning and off I go.

Usually I make and drink my coffee at home, as I don’t work outside the home (I homeschool my son). On Wednesdays we go to weekday Mass and meet friends after for coffee. We go to Starbucks because it’s across the street from the church. We would prefer to go to a small local shop, but there isn’t one in walking distance of the church.

I brew a half pot in at home and down a couple of mugs while I scan the paper before walking to the train.
At work, I have a drip machine in my office another guy and I use. He generally gets in before me and brews a pot, usually leaving half a pot for me.
As much joe as I drink, I think my Starbucks bill for a day or two would buy one of the big cans of Folger’s, Stewarts’ or whatever is on sale.

Sometimes I drink coffee, sometimes not.

When I do, however, I like to have it freshly made. Most of the time, this means I’m either drinking from the communal pot at work or making it at home. On occasion I’ll go to a coffee shop, but I rarely do Starbucks anymore because I don’t like the “burned” taste of their coffee. I don’t care much about corporate vs. small business in this regard, but I don’t want my coffee to taste icky.

I just drink the shit at work. I jump between Starbucks and the locals on the weekends, depending mostly on where my morning errands take me.

I get my caffeine in the form of soda or Stacker 3s when I take them but neither’s really used for the energy. I drink coffee maybe a dozen times a year.

I generally don’t drink coffee in the morning. One cup at night at dinner is my usual intake.

I drink a cup or two of coffee at home from the percolator. At work, I may get a tall latte, no special fixin’s.
If I’m on vacation or out with a friend, we may get a tall latte or other specialty drink.
I rarely drink sodas anymore.

I think big-name corporate coffee chains are the enemy of actual coffee. That they are commercially viable is testament to mankind’s general lack of imagination and taste (no offence, y’all).

I have a plunger at work and plunge me a Lavazza (best cofffee ever) three times a day - once as soon as I get in, another late morning and another mid-afternoon.

I drink tea, usually purchased from the café on the station platform on the way to work. My first train journey of the day is about 20mins, just long enough for a cuppa and a nice quiet time with a good book.

We have a coffee brake every morning at 0900 at work, so I get my coffee then, which is standard black filtered coffee.

I think you’ve discovered a new level of geekdom :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, it’s Tim Hortons. Large Double Double. Truly one of the finer things in life.

I make instant coffee as soon as I wake up in the morning and drink it in front of the computer. That gives me the energy to do anything more complex, like a shower.

I just drink the junk they give us at work (which has been downgraded since our company was bought by mega-company). Weekends I make my own at home. Occasionally I have reason to go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

I get my hot chocolate (or cider, or chai)

a) either in the Second Cup in the lobby of the building where I have classes,

b) or at the corner Starbucks when I work on the weekends.

Can’t decide which one is better, to be honest.

Depends how you define ‘in the morning’. If I am leaving before about 6am then I’ll take the time to make a flask of nice coffee up and take it in with me. To be sipped throughout the morning. I always figure that if I’m going to have to start at stupid times then I may as well have some decent coffee with me.

If I’m starting later then I tend to grab some of the surprisingly ok-tasting coffee from the machine at work. Unfortunately there are no cofee places whatsoever on the way to work (unless you count fast-food places) so I tend not to buy coffee. There used to be a Ravello’s across the road from my previous office and many a time I was slightly late for work cos the queue was longer than anticipated. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh…I’m sipping my Honduran Light Roast, with a splash of no-fat cream and a dash of splenda. The day is starting on the right foot :slight_smile: