I'd like a double half caff mocha low fat double creamy cappa latte Please! Poll

Do you make your coffee at home and bring it with you in the morning?


Do you stop at Large Corporate-Giant-Coffe-Shop X and get your caffiene fix?

Do you stop at Small, Crunchy, Corporate-Coffee-Shops-Are-Bad Cafés for your fix?

Morning caffine is why Karana invented 20 Oz bottles of Pepsi.

Generally, I stop at Small, Crunchy, Corporate-Coffee-Shops-Are-Bad Cafes for my fix. I walk to work and pass by two of them. I have nothing against Starbucks and the like, actually. They are just not as conveniently sited on my particular commute.

[TMI]I used to make coffee at home and drink it before I left for work, but sometimes it does a number on my empty stomach, such that I am uncomfortable being stranded in the bathroom-less outdoors.[/TMI] Plus, now we have a baby, and caring for an infant is TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE with any form of at-home morning relaxation.

I drink Diet Dr Pepper. Yes, first thing in the morning. Quaff of the gods.

I make my own at work with a portable French press/travel mug at the office, using the free coffee that’s usually used for making the communal pot. It makes the pre-ground stuff of dubious origins slightly more palatable.

Small crunchy coffee shops? That just sounds like how Godzilla would describe them.

I vary, mostly depending on how much time I’ve got. If I pulled myself out of bed early enough to either review my homework or check the news before my 9 AM class (4 days a week, grumblegrumble), I make my own. I’m trying hard to cut back (coffee for energy as needed, rather than “I am naked without a full cup in hand”), so I just drink instant in my room.

If I’ve got less time and/or want something slightly better, I run down to the cafeteria on campus and get a cup there. If I’m just dead tired, I go to the coffee shop and splurge on the “eye opener”, which is coffee with anywhere from one to three shots of espresso in it. Expensive, but sometimes worth it.

When I was working full-time I either bought a can of Red Bull on my way to the subway station, or stopped at Starbucks on my way to work. I don’t particularly like Starbucks as a company, but wave a caramel macchiato in front of me and I become a morally-bankrupt sugar-whore.

I generally either buy from the cafe across the hall, or a couple of times a week stop by the Dunkin Donuts. Yum!

I go for Mt Dew myself.

I grind beans and make some at home, then whoever arrives at the office first makes a pot.

While I’m psychologically dependent on my morning cereal (don’t talk to me until after breakfast, please), I don’t do caffeine in the morning. I’m not a coffee drinker at all, and find that things with lower doses of caffeine don’t do much (like colas), and things with lots of caffeine (like some headache medicines) make me jittery beyond belief. Neither is really what I’m looking for in the morning.

I started making it at home about a year ago. My Wife does not drink coffee so I don’t need a full pot.

I love my Senseo ‘pod’ coffee maker.

Mt. Dew was created by Tunare. The wood elves and hobbits seem to like it.

Like I stated in a recent espresso thread, I pull myself a shot or three of a dense, syrupy, crema-topped espresso (ristretto). Add a teaspoon of raw sugar, drink, sigh in ecstasy. Then I have to wait 24 hours for my next fix, because that’s all I can have in one day. The phrase “bete noir” must have been invented to describe an addiction to ristrettos.

I have tea at home in the morning. After class I often stop at one of the non-chain coffeeshops around me for a cappuchino and do some reading.

My home university has coffee carts with very good coffee. You can use extra ‘points’ from the meal plan to buy them, so it feels like it’s free. I stop every morning on my way to class. Yum.

I drink loose leaf green tea I make in a small pot I keep in the office. When traveling, I try to get tea from smaller coffee shops 'cause it’s brewed correctly. If I’m desperate, I’ll sometimes get it from Starbucks but they only have that awful Tazo stuff and the water they use is far too hot so the tea is awful.

Make it in the morning and consume it in a travel mug while I drive to work. We have a coffee pot at the office as well so I have a few more cups here as well.

I’m trying to make it standard practice to brew my coffee at home and bring it with me in a travel mug. I find that having a baby is making me lots more stingy than I ever was (same applies to lunches at work - whenever I remember/have time, I make my own). However, if I don’t have time to make coffee, our work sells Starbucks, so I’ll grab a cup of that. We also have the usual office coffee, but I’m not a huge fan.

Don’t drink caffeine in the morning, so I’ll speak for my wife.

If she has the time, she makes the coffee at home.

Since she almost never has the time, she goes to Noah’s Bagels. Starbuck’s is next door, but she can’t get the bagel she wants there, so she settles for Noah’s coffee.

I’d like a double half caff mocha low fat double creamy cappa latte

That is exactly why I stopped buying coffee on the way to work. I still have money on my Dunkin Donuts card, but don’t hold up the line ordering friggin complicated crap. I want my coffee flavored coffee and I don’t want to stand in line. Can we please have two lines? One for coffee and one for everything else? pant… pant… pant

This is not the first time I’ve ranted about this.

Ivylad and I are coffee snobs, but I don’t always have time in the morning to grind up the beans, wait for the water to boil, then steep it in the French press.

We got new coffee machines at work that make a drinkable caffe mocha, so if Ivylad doesn’t brew it up and put it in a thermos mug for me to take to work, I will grap a big cup and fill up from the machine in the break room.