I'd like to hear a Republican's retort to Beto's "take a knee" speech.

Four minutes of awesome.

Great speech! Any Republicans on this board care to retort? :slight_smile:
Not looking to snark on anyone, I just really am currious what one’s retort to this would be.

I’m not a republican, more of a soft, left-leaning, little “l” liberal.

My take is that it is articulate, inclusive, coherent and probably reflects the views of very many people, republican, democrat or neither.

I also think that he genuinely believes it and good for him for saying it. I very much like the fact that he started with the declaration that having a different view is valid as well. If only the tone of political debate was more in line with this than the divisive, polarising rhetoric of…others.

Ah, on reading more about him I see he is a democrat not a republican as I first believed.

I did think it was a stand rather at odds with what I expected from a republican on that matter and I immediately wondered “wow, if he can speak like that on this subject, where does he stand on others?”

I suppose this tells me a couple of things, at least I was able to judge someone on what they said rather than what political side they are on (I take comfort from that) but also that maybe the republican side are still unable to voice similar, sensible ideas (I take no comfort from that)

Anyhow, from that short clip and a skim read he seems a good guy, what is his standing and prospects within the democrats?

Any chance you could link to a transcript, or quote the parts you found interesting? ‘Here’s a youtube link, whaddya think’ is not best practice IMO.



Third. Not going to watch the video.

My stance on the matter, should it matter, as one who votes mostly Republican but is really more libertarian, is this:

  • You are welcome to express your views whenever and wherever you like
  • The government cannot, and should not, be able to infringe on that (except in cases such as falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded place, liable, etc).
  • if doing so in a privately owned space, one should be prepared to accept whatever repercussions the owner(s) of that private space impose.
  • Lastly, and a bit tangentially, if one chooses to express oneself in such a manner that will A) obviously get one censured and B) likely not make a whit of difference in the real world, then I am perfectly free to mock that action/speech.

IOW, say what you wish but be prepared to accept the consequences. Pretty simple, IMHO.

I don’t think a transcript could do the speech justice. You have to hear the conviction in his voice and the reaction of the audience. He pretty much echoed my sentiments, except that he gives the opposing viewpoint too much respect.

Agreed. The delivery matters. This man didn’t focus group this response. He feels it.

Texas Monthly has the full transcript. It really is worth watching the short clip, though. This is a politician speaking extemporaneously using full sentences* and communicating a coherent position without [apparent] recourse to buzzwords or carefully crafted sound bites.
(OK, maybe a lot of sentence fragments, in there, but good effort…)

This. If you don’t have the time or inclination to watch a 4 minute video, this probably isn’t a thread for you.

IANAR, but he starts out by saying “reasonable people can disagree on this issue”, so why would anyone need to say anything more than “I disagree”? It is, apparently, a reasonable thing to do. Does anyone think that “reasonable people can disagree” about the non-violent civil disobedience of Civil Rights protestors like MLK back in the 50s and 60s? If not, then the comparison fails.

[off-topic] I’d never heard of Beto but clicked the link. Bravo! Maybe there’s still hope for this forlorn country.

[on-topic] I inadvertently learned what Ted Cruz’s complaint is against Congressman O’Rourke:

When the video finished, YouTube started up another video automatically. Ted Cruz is running ads mocking the name “Beto” — O’Rourke’s birth certificate says “Robert.” CNN’s Chris Cuomo accuses Cruz of doing the opposite — his name is “Rafael” but he goes by “Ted.” Cruz’s defense? “Have a sense of humor.” :smack:

He’s behind in polls, but has been gaining in his race against Ted Cruz. He’s very popular with Democrats, he’s held so many events that are often packed, he’s raised a lot of money, the primary disadvantage he has is lack of name recognition, I’m hoping that this clip going viral will help. I saw Ellen Degeneres tweet she wanted him on her show in response to this tweet, that would definitely help in name recognition.

You probably hate Marc Antony’s “lend me your ears” speech in Julius Caesar.

I come to bury Ted Cruz, not to praise him…

We’ve got the link to the speech and a link to the transcript-still no response from Republicans about what he said?

I second this response. If the OP endorses O’Rourke’s sentiments, as te appears to, then te presumably accedes to the notion that reasonable people may disagree.

I do disagree.

I think that the nexus between the National Anthem and the complaints related to the goals of BlackLivesMatter are tenuous at best, and the choice of the Anthem as the moment to kneel gives reasonable rise to the belief that the protest goes to the pillars of our national identity, as opposed to the more narrow grounds articulated by some defenders of the protests.

But, of course, since I also endorse the proposition that reasonable people may disagree, I don’t suggest my view is indisputably correct either.

If it doesn’t, you might help yourself by telling us something more thoughtful than “I disagree”, leaving us to draw our own inferences about your reasons.

So when a kneeler tells you they are doing so to protest police brutality, do you think they are being less than honest? And what they’re really protesting is the things you stated above?

There are several reasons to disagree I suppose 1) There isn’t a problem, 2) this won’t help solve the problem, or 3) there is a problem and this will help solve it but it is somehow “disrespectful.”

Personally, since i believe 1) there is a problem and 2) this may, in some small way, help solve it, I’m okay with a little disrespect*. Reasonable people can reach different conclusions.

*Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t even see it as disrespectful. It’s invoking core American values to help make America great again, so I think it’s respectful to our ideals and traditions.