I'd like to see country music fans kicked in the mouth

First of all, I like country music, been listening to it all of my life. There’s certainly a bunch of crap that comes out on country radio, but that happens with all genres.

That being said, I’d like to see someone ram a Patriot missile up Darryl Worley’s ass. His latest song is a jingoistic, makes-you-feel-good-since-you-don’t-want-to-actually-think-about-the-issues pile of crap. According to Darryl, we’re invading Iraq to get revenge on those sonsabitches that took out the WTC.

From here:

No, Darryl, I haven’t forgotten about the horrible tragedy that happened on 9/11. And yes, bin Laden is a monster for organizing the attacks. Blood for blood baby. Although I guess it doesn’t really matter who’s blood it is, as long as we get revenge on someone. And country fans are eating this shit up. I’m sad to say it, but this proves that most country fans deserve the reputation they have for being poorly aimed handjobs. And yes, I can say that because I’m a country fan.

And this lyric is not entirely inaccurate. Although according to his own bio at his website, while Darryl has never served for the military, he has sung for soldiers before, so of course he knows what it’s like to be in a war.

You wanna sing a patriotic song, go wild. But at least try not to be a complete misleading asshole about it.

[sub]Bah, between this and the Dixie Chicks brouhaha I’m ashamed to be a country fan anymore.[/sub]

And on preview, I’m even more pissed off. Because I have the goddamned song stuck in my head now. Fuck me.

I saw him singing this Saturday night on TV. I was appalled. It’s hard enough trying to explain the truth to the Average Joe without this kind of mis-information.

I’m tired of trying to explain the finer points of this war to people who would rather believe it’s that simple. Gah.

I’m glad to say I have never heard that steaming pile of crap come on the radio.

What a strange thing to write a country song about.

I feel basically the same way you do. I grew up in the NE of the US, so country music was kind of a no-no, but I moved to Maryland, and it’s popular somewhat here. I’ve come to like SOME of it… but artists like that, who make/perform songs like that, which are not only false, but obnoxious and annoying as well, just irk me. And I’m getting tired of artists singing about things they have no idea about. ESPECIALLY country music. Country music is supposed to be about real feeling, and it’s become a wee bit bullshitty. I’m a singer myself, and love music, but be honest folks, please. There’s enough emotion in the world, you don’t need to fake it. Now, if only country music were French…

Good thing I’ve hated everything since Hank Williams then. :slight_smile:

Tempting…but no, I have lots of expensive dental work in there.

As for this PoC song in the OP, it’s glurge, pure and simple. I have more respect for Toby Keith’s “Angry American” song than that one. (Not saying I agree with it, but at least it doesn’t make me puke.)

Have you heard the “Hey, Mr. President” one yet? :rolleyes:

I’ve missed that one so far. Dare I ask for a link, or will I feel the need to kick someone else in the mouth?

I haven’t heard it yet either, but I got curious. Also pretty lame, but for a whole new reason.

Kick away (but not me, please).

Not a’tall, DougAB. Country music has a long tradition of jingoism and / or patriotism. I can think of quite a few country music songs that run in that vein. Some are actually patriotic, some are personal takes on war in general, some are just jump-on-any-bandwagon bullshit.

Still In Saigon - Charlie Daniels Band (not to mention The South’s Gonna Do It Again)

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning - Alan Jackson (and this one moves me to sobs every time)

God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood

Angry American - Toby Keith (already mentioned)

Let’s Roll - whoever that was…

and so on and so forth.

“Let’s Roll” was Neil Young.

Didn’t I just hear on the news today that US forces opperating in Iraq found a list of terrorists opperating inside the US?

Why yes I did, so what was your point again?

Country music has spent the last 20 years actively cultivating the “heartland of America” market. We’re talking Southerners and midwesterners, patriotic flag-waving sorts, ol’ fashioned values sorts of people. So as a consequence, country artists toss out a bunch of “America rules!” sort of songs. It just goes with the territory. They’ve made a crapload of money off this demographic, so you shouldn’t be surprised when they keep it up. Nor was I surprised when the Dixie Chicks got a hostile reaction, what do they expect when the people who made them rich are polar opposites politically.

So you have a problem with someone’s songs…

Why do you want to kick fans in the mouth?

There are many more couintry songs and artisits than the few you’ve mentioned.

Or was that a typo?

FTR, I, too, get tired of the pop-country bandwagon hoppin’ scene. But, don’t blame the fans. I didn’t write it. Though I may have purchased it (if it was on an album I wanted).

It wasn’t a typo. It’s the fans that buy into this crap. It’s the fans who call in and request this song, because they believe in it’s message.

Got a link for that, kanicbird?

Did you? And if so, have a cite for it?

And it doesn’t change my point. Are you saying we’re taking over Iraq because of 9/11?

Actually, what’s yours? Did you post in the wrong thread?

I live in New York City, and frequently attend SD-related events there. Schedule willing, I will also be at Chidope in May and perhaps Las Vegas in October. As other events materialize, I’ll happily let you know my schedule.

The fans asking for it to be played are the reason it’s getting played. Thus, they deserve a kick in the mouth.



And I have a feeling that if you tried to kick country music fans in the mouth, your lifespan would be measured in minutes, not years.