I'd like to sync my old music to my new Itunes, please help.

The title pretty much sums it up. I have about 3800 songs on my Ipod, some of them from Itunes itself, most of them from old CD’s I own no longer.

I have a new computer and if I sync Itunes I’ll lose all the old stuff, how can I put it all the old songs on my computer so I can continue adding stuff to the Ipod.
Thanks for any help.

The best and easiest way is to transfer everything from the old computer to the new computer (not from the iPod to the new computer). If your iPod is less than half full, you can use the remaining space on the iPod itself as a USB drive to do the transfer.

*** Make sure you transfer everything, including the main database file, or you’ll lose things like your playlists.

If you don’t have access to the old computer, then you’re going to have to look at several available programs that pull the music from the iPod onto the new computer. Unfortunately, you’ll probably lose all of your playlist and rating information if you have to do it that way, but the rest should be preserved.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to do it, read this first. I think it’ll answer your question.

ETA: That link is for recovering from ipod only, if you have the original files what Invisible Wombat said is the best way.

I can live without the playlists and ratings, I just put a lot of work into getting all the songs and I want to make absolutely sure they don’t get wiped out.

Can you access the original files and do you have memory stick or storage device to transfer them to?

If the iPod isn’t full, it is the storage device. You can use any space not occupied by its music as a disk drive.

Absolutely, but if Sitnam has access to an ext. hard drive or something large enough they could just copy the entire itunes folder to the new computer.

Thanks, by proxy. I had the exact same problem, and now it’s sorted. :slight_smile:

We’re not understanding each other. How is what you’re suggesting different from what I’m suggesting (except that I’m suggesting an iPod, which we know he has, and you’re suggesting other external storage media)? I’m saying:

  1. Connect iPod to old computer
  2. Drag entire iTunes folder from computer to iPod
  3. Move iPod to new computer
  4. Drag entire iTunes folder from iPod to computer
  5. Delete iTunes folder from iPod to make sure there’s plenty of room for regular music storage

It’s not. Some people, though, aren’t comfortable using their ipod as the storage device because it’s unfamiliar to them - I don’t care either way.