ID supernatural TV drama: female protagonist, Toronto, two gangs, demons

I watched about two episodes of this show about five years ago on some streaming service. I meant to go back and watch more but lost track of it. I didn’t think it was especially obscure, but I’ve tried to find it a few times since but without luck. Here’s what I remember:

The protagonist is a young (18-25) female with no living family. She grew up assuming she was human. In the first episode she discovers she is some kind of supernatural creature (fairy? demon? don’t remember) or a half-human hybrid.

There are two mutually antagonistic groups or gangs of supernatural creatures. They try to force her to join one or the other. There is a male character, possible love interest, who is a member but not leader of one gang who wants her to join his. At the end of one of the first two episodes, she decides to join neither gang, which is considered shocking and dangerous.

There is a bar that is considered neutral ground, patronized by members of both gangs.

In an early episode, she has to engage in something like a cage fight to the death with a scary demon in front of an audience of supernatural creatures, which she unexpectedly wins.

She lives in a converted warehouse or something similar. She has a female fully human friend or roommate who is a major character.

The show was filmed in Toronto (I’m pretty sure), and possibly set there.

Is it Shadowhunters? ChatGPT thinks so, based on feeding it the thread title.

Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. Based on the Wikipedia page about Shadowhunters, I note some similarities (young female protagonist who finds out she’s a supernatural being, different varieties of supernatural beings, demons, etc.). But I just watched the first few minutes of Shadowhunters on Hulu and nothing about it looks familiar at all.

The show I’m thinking of was either explicitly set in Toronto or they left the setting vague. I think the protagonist is brunette. If she has any supernatural powers, they’re less physical and more mental (clairvoyance, precognition, preternatural luck, or something along those lines). I think one of the female characters is gay or bisexual (maybe the protagonist, maybe the roommate, but not both).

I found it. It’s Lost Girl (2010-2016) about a bisexual succubus. I found it by doing a Google search for “shows similar to Shadowhunters”. It streams for free (with ads) on the CW app. It was actually in my “continue watching” list on the CW app, but I had forgotten that I ever even had the CW app.

Oh, I remember that airing on BBC America right after Orphan Black episodes. I loved the latter, but the promos for the former didn’t grab me. Do you recommend it?

I re-watched the same two episodes I watched years ago. I think now what I thought then, that it has the potential to be a pretty good show but isn’t yet showing signs of being great.

As far as I can tell, the only streaming services that it’s available on are CW and CW Seed, which are both ad-supported. The number of commercial breaks (about 6 per episode) and total length of ads (maybe 15 minutes per episode) seem excessive. That may be the reason I stopped watching the last time, I don’t remember.

I had almost completely forgotten about this series! As I recall, the first few seasons are very watchable with engaging main characters and an interesting ambience along with some frank, gender-fluid sexuality interjected along the way. I seem to recall that the last couple of seasons piled too much mythology on top of mythology along with characters shifting from good to evil and back again, which signaled to me that the writers were running out of ways to simply continue the original.