ID the newscaster in Simon/Garfunkel's "Silent Night/7:00 Report"

Any ideas???

He might be credited on the cover, but my copy is still packed up.

It sounds a lot like Larry Burrell, but that could just be because newscasters in the 1960s tried to sound alike.

Don’t have the album and as someone who avoids “holiday songs” at all costs, the exceptions being Silent Night / 7 O’Clock News by Simon and Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell’s River, I wish I could be more helpful.

That newscast, recored the same year I was born is haunting, touching and beautiful. I guess there is no such thing as a silent night.

I answer I got when asking the same question as Chet Huntley, but I have don’t know what he sound like & have no way of knowing if that is correct.

Google came up blank but did have an interesting interview with Artie and Vin Scelsa.