ID the song in the Garnier Fructis commercial

Title says it all. This song has been around since summer of last year (It coincided with the Daredevil movie and I thought it might be on the soundtrack; it wasn’t). The local alt.rock station played it all the time without ever once saying what it was called or who played it.

It begins with a rinky-dink haunted house piano riff, followed by voices going “Woo Hoo!” a couple of times, and the lyrics sound something like “It’s a terrible world we live in/ It’s a cruel, cruel world.” At first I thought it was the Gorillaz, now I’m thinking maybe it’s Outkast.

Anyone know this song?

It’s “Diamonds and Guns” by the Transplants. A sideproject done by Tim from Rancid, Travis of Blink 182 and Rob Aston.