ID these Braxton Girls

Pic. Sorry about the quality, but it’s all I gots.

HAHA, they are the most hilarious staffs. Pic is taken from the tv I think…

livres neufs à prix réduits

I think they’re Sparkly Braxton, Goofy Braxton, Dyejob Braxton, and Librarian Braxton. Not necessarily in that order.

In case anyone was wondering, don’t click the link by jnnagibson.

finger hovers over link

Why not?

Middle back is Cardboard Cut-out Braxton, middle front is Guy Fawkes Mask Braxton

Thanks a bunch! That was exactly what I needed! In fact, I’ve been around a while, and boy howdy! these have to rank up there with the most absolutely useless answers I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, they did offer to respond at all, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. I guess we don’t have a lot of Soul Train fans or Braxton fans on this board. But. . . let someone ask a question about The Office or some other “in” program, and the floodgates open.

This is a picture from the 2011 Soul Train Awards. The one on the left is Trina. The one front and center in the red dress is Towanda. The one in the back being blocked by Towanda is Tamar, and the one in the white dress, on the right, is Traci.

You can find a clearer picture here.

Towanda’s the one with the great car insurance, right?

Nope, she’s the one that’s younger and faster (IIRC) :smiley: