ID these mystery leftover project pieces

What are these pieces from? They were in a bunch of misc hardware/tool items. They smell like non-hardening clay, feel plasticky and slightly chalky, and can be dented with a fingernail.

Do they mark things? Art Pastels maybe?

They look to be the size and colors of lumps of pigment supplied with halloween makeup facepainting kits.

They seem too hard for pastels, but they do mark stuff if you press very hard.

Perhaps wax or shellac sticks for repairing furniture finish?

Sticks of buffing compound. Applied to a cloth wheel, then used to polish metal, plastics, stone, occasionally wood.

Oh, that reminded me of something - yes, it seems to be buffing wheel compound. Thanks!

That was going to be my next guess! :smiley:

Now that the tough part is answered…
The small round object in the picture looks to be a penny.
Glad I could help. :slight_smile: