ID this animation.

Back in the '80s and early '90s I’d try to catch the Animation Festival in La Jolla each year.
There was one litle piece that rivaled Bambi meets Godzilla.
It opened with some cheerful music, like Ode to Joy. A bird is singing happily in a tree. Along comes a little pink dragon, who says something like “Hi I’m a baby dragon!” The bird responds in kind and invites the dragon to sing with him.
The dragon opens his mouth to sing and incinerates the bird. The credits run as he tries to hid the charcoaled bird in the tree.

Does this sound familar to anyone? Name? Is it available anywhere?

[sub]Please don’t mention The Cat Came Back, from the same festival. Even after nearly 20 years it still give me an earworm.[/sub]

That’s “Snookles”. (Right-hand column, center of the page.)
I think I saw that at a festival in '92, though it came out in 1986.