ID this book about a guy who does 50 things he always wanted to do.

There was a book out a while back about a guy who wrote out a list of things he always wanted to do and then did them and wrote about it. IIRC the guy learned to box, drive a motorcyle, etc… I can’t remember neither the author nor title so i can’t figure out how to do a search on amazon. Anyone remember this book?

Here’s what I was going to post:

Arrgh! I can SEE the cover! If it’s the one I’m thinking of, he also went back and tracked down the first car he ever owned. It was a CAMARO! GOT IT!

But I don’t think that’s it. Still, you can now do a full text search on Amazon.

Damn, your a genius GMRyujin. Damn, I love this message board. Damn. I remember flipping through it a while back while at the bookstore and being mildly amused. I could use that kind of inspiration right now. Damn. Good Job. Damn.