ID this book ABOUT Jane Austen

Sometime over the last year, I read a fairly recent book about reactions to Jane Austen, how the Janeist cult developed, etc. I can’t remember author or title, and there’s so much Austeniana out there that my Google searches aren’t getting me anywhere.

I know this doesn’t help, but I think the cover was yellow.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Could it have been Jane Austen Cults and Cultures?

Hm. Looks plausible. I skimmed the intro, and it didn’t seem familiar, but it didn’t seem definitely not familiar. But the cover is not at all what my recollection is, and the library (which is where I got it) doesn’t own a copy of this.

It’ll do – I’m writing something on Mansfield Park (book vs. movie) – and this is mostly an aside, so thanks.

But if anyone else has any other candidates, could you post 'em, pls.? This is going to bother me.

I think this may be the one you are thinking of:

Jane’s Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World.

How about this one?

From Amazon search. I think what may have gotten you is that they’re called “Janeites” instead of Janeists.

It’s not the most recent work on her, but it does look like it could be the one you read.

Dammit! Ninjaed!

Ninjaed only by nanoseconds, Lasciel – thanks to both you and ChrisM. That is, indeed, the one I was looking for. (Janeites, Janeists, whatever – I said I read it about a year ago.)

Thanks much, everyone – and, BTW, it’s an entertaining book, worth a read.

Cool, I have just ordered this - expected to arrive before the end of October (sometimes it’s a pain, living on the bottom edge of the map).