ID this bug... maybe fake

Its embarassing that I even visit this site… but it’s a time killer.

Someone posted this video [ ] of a supposed caterpillar, and the comments go on for pages and pages (predominantly the word is that its either a ‘pus caterpillar’ or fake), can this message board give me the straight dope. (by dope i mean ID)

and yes after the word ‘dope’ I meant to leave a question mark… grrrr

Not the one I was thinking of. I was thinking of this one.

It looks like a species of Puss Caterpillar. They have stinging, irritating hairs, so be careful with one if you find it! Here is some info.

Oh come on, nobody knows for sure what it is? That’s the weirest looking thing I’ve ever seen. I’d love to have a real ID.

Are you a Trekkie? 'Cause that thing definitely looks Cardassian.