What was this creature I saw?

I saw this weird caterpillar like thing…it was a fuzzy off white, at the front had 2 orange anntenna like a V, and at the back the same anntenna except they were bright white. What could it bed?

A hairy hunk like that could bed any worm he fancied.

…sorry… couldn’t resist!

Feces of Death?

Hmm… was it about the size of a caterpillar? Cause if it was, I’d say caterpillar, but if it was the size of a car, well, I’d just be worried.

If it was fuzzy, it was a moth caterpillar. For a more precise answer, I need to know where (geographically) you saw it, where (location, such as on what type of plant) you saw it, and better measurements.

Or it was a larval chtorr.

In North Carolina, on my porch. It was about 1.25 inch

Did it look like this? It’s the larva of a Tussock moth, Family Lymantriidae. Someone else will have to identify it as to species.

I thought most of our kind we’re gone…

You sir, are a gentleman (assumed) and a scholar (no doubt).

thanks, that was it